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In Voronezh actively flying the restaurant business. The owners of the establishments to attract customers and meet the tastes of even the most demanding gourmets try to expand, offering dishes of European, Asian, Eastern and national cuisine. About cafe in Voronezh at an inexpensive price can be found here http://077.ru/kafe. Especially popular dishes of Latin-American subjects. In the city, restaurants provide menus in this direction, the selection is small, but there are very decent options.

Overview of Latin American cuisine

Under the General title "Latin America" refers to the traditional food of the countries of Peru, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina. That would be closer to acquaint you with the used products and interested to try something new, take a look at more details about each of the countries. At the same time get some notion about restaurant menus Latin American food in Voronezh.
Brazilian cuisine

Due to the mixing of African, Indian and Argentinian heritage, the dishes are a riot of flavors, different tastes. In cooking uses many spices, but the food is not necessarily spicy. Brazilian menu filled with products such as: coconut milk, palm oil, seafood, black beans, sweet potatoes, olives, mendal', garlic, rice flour, pork, tapioca, white rice.
Popular dishes that are popular with locals and tourists, include:

1), churrasco (churrasco) – small juicy pieces of beef that are fried in the open air, impaled on metal rods. Served with a delicious sauce of tomatoes, vinegar, garlic, pepper and olive oil.
2) Lombo de Porco (Lombo de Porco) – roast pork with the addition of Brazilian spices, served with sweet and sour sauce.
3) Itapo (Itapoa) is a mouth-watering pudding, seafood, meat of crabs and crayfish.
4) Many options of Brazilian seafood soups, which will not leave anyone indifferent. Even those who never orders soup at restaurants, you will love it.

This is just a small list of popular and delicious dishes, and better to try once than to read about them. By the way I don't need to forget about fruit that is so loved by the Brazilians, variations of desserts with them is just amazing.
Well, the king of Brazilian cuisine is coffee. Has anyone tried real coffee, and will come to eat only in restaurants with Latin American cuisine.

Also in Brazil is very high demand beer. By the way, many tourists who visited the country, say that Brazilian beer is very tasty. Another strong drink the vodka, Cachaça, which is made from sugar cane. In the South the grapes are grown, which are wonderful wines such as Chardonnay and Aurora Castel Chatelier. Worth a try, and guarana — refreshing and invigorating drink that contains coffee.

Mexican cuisine
The basis dishes are the following products: corn, cactus, sweet potatoes, avocado, tomatoes, zucchini, beans, poultry and fish. Everyone knows that Mexicans love spicy food, each dish prepared sauces are often not single. It is impossible to imagine their food without the chili pepper, it is added literally everywhere.
The most popular and well-known far beyond the borders of Mexico: corn tortillas with various fillings (tacos), chimichanga, tortillas, quesadillas. A lot of respect there and fish dishes, all well flavored with spices and herbs.
Well, what Russian people would not like to try food cooked on the basis of a cactus?

The first that comes to mind, the popular drink is tequila. For lovers of exotic – the Mezcal made from agave with the addition of caterpillar Gusano. From soft, in hot days, it is customary to drink Aqua Fresca is a mixture of ice water with fruit puree, is considered especially delicious from the juice of the melon.

Argentinean cuisine
The basis of the Argentine food is beef. No wonder the country leads in the consumption of meat among the population. Known dishes: Chorizo (pork sausage), Chinchulines (tripe sausage), Chimichurri sauce consisting of aromatic herbs, vinegar, garlic. As popular cakes of small size, prepared on the basis of meat, corn and cheese. As a garnish offer salads, potatoes and vegetables in a processed form.

Argentine cuisine from drinks is dominated by mate, Fernet ( a strong alcoholic drink made from herbs). How much of Argentina is famous for its vineyards, you can sample many wines.

Peruvian cuisine
One of the most delicious and unusual dishes. A variety of combinations, new tastes, that will discover tried Peruvian food for the first time, man. The basis of almost all food lies new potatoes, rice. One of your friends to our people the dish is ceviche. Is a raw fish marinated in lime juice, spices included red onion and aji pepper. Famous is Peruvian soup of Creole (Kreole), prepared from beef, milk, noodles, vegetables, eggs and local spices.
Special honor enjoyed the desserts, thanks to growing fruit, their selection is simply amazing. One of the favorite with tourists and residents of Peru, empanadas are pies (Empanadas). It is a traditional pastry that is prepared with different toppings and not necessarily sweet.

From drinks you can choose herbal teas, mate. From alcoholic drinks to try chicha is a beer made of corn-based. Popular Peru and whiskey, rum from sugar cane and insist on grass.

Many of the delicious dishes and drinks of Latin American cuisine can be found in the menu of restaurants of Voronezh. Because here described is only a fraction of the food variety.

Restaurants with Latin American cuisine – a place for special occasions

Banquet hall for any restaurant, ordered for a themed wedding, would be pleased and tasty feed guests unusual food. In the bar there are certainly spirits peculiar to Latin America. Guests will be amazed by the new taste emotions, and a solemn feast are sure to find positive feedback in their hearts. The menu of the cuisine in the city of Voronezh, are quite affordable.
It is not necessary to wait for such a solemn occasion for a party in the style of Latin America, any event will do. A cafe in Voronezh, perfectly cope with the task, besides the Banquet will cost at an inexpensive price.
As stated in the beginning, Latin-themed food, is gaining momentum, one of the best cafes in Voronezh with cheap price is http://vdesperado.ru/. Positive feedback about the restaurant is quite justified: always fresh food, nice waiters, tasty dishes in the restaurant menu makes this cafe a good school in Voronezh.


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