Germany calls for encrypted communication for all citizens, while others do the opposite

people's fear of acts of terrorism authorities in many countries are used for the introduction of technologies of mass surveillance of the population. United States, Russia, Britain and others require cryptography ease of online communication, to put backdoors in the crypto mobile devices, etc. - Everything is done often under the pretext of fighting terrorism. For reference, in Europe over the last 15 years have seen four terrorist attack and killed at least 500 people, while in the accident killed 70 people per day
So, against the backdrop of a global "fight against terror and crime" with the mass of the population wiretapping country somehow it goes in the opposite direction. In November, German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere (Thomas De Maizière) issued a предписание to strengthen the protection of confidential communications . The document is aimed at all on the removal or weakening of encryption. On the contrary, the Ministry of Interior requires overall introduction of the civilian population of a strong end-to-end encryption!

The text says: "We support the best encryption. We're going to be the number one in the world for encryption. To do this, it must become the standard for the private communications of the masses ».

This approach not only improves the image of Germany, but also makes the country a good place for hosting various encryption of web services, write a > developers a secure webmail Tutanota.

They also cite the example of the German Democratic Republic, where she worked as one of the most advanced in the world, services for mass surveillance of the population - the police Stasi. The example shows how difficult it is to civilians living in such conditions, in the constant presence of Big Brother that listens on all telephone conversations. The authorities should learn the lesson that wiretapping should never be put above freedom and privacy of citizens. It seems that only in Germany understand this, thanks to the past sad experience.



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