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Stasi - is intelligence and counterintelligence of the GDR, the East German analogue of the KGB, created in 1952. As with the KGB, the Stasi was engaged in surveillance of the population and the search for enemies of the people. After the collapse of Germany's citizens have stormed the headquarters, the Stasi was disbanded, the archives transferred to the public and in the administration opened a museum of espionage equipment. There we go.

The main weapon against fellow informer - this, of course, photography. The museum has a lot of photographic equipment. Basically, of course, to use a hidden spy photography. On the surface - the usual cloak:

In the bag - pear silent for a mechanical shutter:

But the camera lens. Notice is difficult:

The camera could be even smaller, embedded in a button:

In a tie:

In the purse. As a rule, the shutter is released compression bags in a certain place, here, this mechanism can be clearly seen:

The camera was placed with a walkie-talkie in hand handbag:

The handbag:

The purse:

The purse was inserted Swiss brand cameras Tessina:

It's funny, actually. In those years, people with a tube on the street looked about the same as it is now with iPads, and try to walk now with a tube without attracting attention:

The camera in the planchette with infrared flash:

Here is an aperture in the planchette:

A portfolio could build a center with a spy listening device, a portable radio, camera and IR illumination:

The smallest camera could be embedded in the pen:

Stasi use regular, commercial photo equipment and home-made. Here, for example, the camera, the former is very popular among techies-spies, Robot Star 50:

Cameras do not always need to be embedded in small or wearable items. For example, a camera in the recorder:

The canister:

The garbage:


No law privacy even in the woods. The eyes may be have a knot:

And birdhouse:

A rusty barrel could hide a observation post:

When people stormed Stasi employees quickly tried to destroy the spy camera gear. Debris look like this:

The masterpiece is here this automotive system created by Carl Zeiss Jena. The door Trabant redistributed metal in Plexiglas, just like the original body, and in it the most powerful integrated infrared flash. The camera can shoot in complete darkness:

The car is equipped with a laser rangefinder camera with autofocus, and able to work at night. When the object appears in focus, the system served the buzzer in the earpiece, and the operator can press the button and take a picture:

This system is worth 215, 000 marks, which in those days was crazy money even for the Stasi. Total 25 pieces were made and, as the abstract, they did not enjoy great popularity.

The Germans had the wisdom not to destroy the administration building, and it has original interiors, furniture and equipment.

Here Appliances Secretariat Erich Mielke, the main KGB man country:

It is any grandparent fax machine:

Communication panel with the Secretary:


Stasi overheard everything and everyone. About the atmosphere that prevailed at the time and about the eavesdropping generally rented a beautiful film, "The Lives of Others." Warmly recommended for viewing.

Again, the Stasi tried to destroy the equipment in a panic. That tangle of various bugs. Here is a small microphone types. The tube in the middle is about the size of penlight batteries:

This device connects to the telephone line on which it was applied for a special meal with a frequency of 30 kHz. Beetle passed back to the sound of the telephone line at the doubled frequency:

The thin walls of bored tunnels and back tuck here are the bugs, working at a frequency of 940-980 MHz. Microphone here - at the end of the tube:

Telephone sockets with built-in listening devices. Of course, shot himself in a telephone conversation outlet did not have to - and so bugged telephones. These bugs in sockets needed precisely in order to listen to the room and the telephone line was needed to receive power and transmit back to the useful signal:

Beetle in a conventional outlet:

When the spy had to keep a record of the conversation, then separately on the body was hidden recording device, and separately - disguised as something microphone. Handle:

Or watch:

Stasi is remarkable in that it employed 2.5% of the population of the GDR, and partly "pounded" almost a quarter of the population. In the case of spying on its own people by the German informer headcount surpassed even his alma mater - the KGB.

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