Kiev Metro. Escalators.

We plunge into the depths of the oldest and most interesting machine halls Kiev subway escalators - "Khreshchatyk" and "Arsenal". Indeed, the devices impress with their size and power metal, as well as sophisticated design, which, even after 50 years, provides high availability and reliability.

We descended into the turbine building. Usually, a relatively small room semicircular shape where the engine control system and actuators. All functions in the automatic mode using a single remote control and centralization.

The engine is mated with a gear via the hydraulic brake. The gearbox is connected with the main gear shafts and gears handrails. The size of these systems on old machines are very impressive, which is why they are staggered.

Depending on the type of escalator diameter gears may vary, ranging from 2 to 3 meters. It is situated in a powerful frame.

Operating the engine.

The brake mechanism.


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