I never thought that this is such a serious thing

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Today went to the supermarket, I could not resist and bought.

Brief description:

Fiksed, tselnoshtampovannyh, sharpening serreytornaya the entire length of the blade.
Material Blade - polystyrene, the material of the handle, respectively, also
Length - 164 mm, blade - 62 mm,
Blade in the butt - 3, 5 mm max. width - 20 mm, no runs, sharpening angle of Kazakhstan - 40 degrees
Weight - 3 g.
The manufacturer is not listed, it seems that Russia.

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Knife light comfortable, it sits perfectly in the hand. Design concise, sometimes IMHO too rustic, but perfectly acceptable for a knife worth 24 rubles. / Pack.
Suffice it to quickly and easily to any metal object tochitsya
(Also suitable for most wood)
Pleasantly surprised by the author's unusual decision - to the plane of the blade is curved along the length of the letter "P", which creates additional stiffeners. Soft materials (oil, cheese, breadcrumbs) knife cuts with a bang.


Now cons

Polystyrene blade, frankly, not very - blunts fingernail.
Factory sharpening, to put it mildly, does not meet expectations. If at the stage of looking at new things reverent thought was to buy more Plain and, after a couple of attempts to cut anything, it disappeared by itself. In fairness it should be noted that the quality of the material and allows the rear of the sharpening of the blade act as a stop without any serious consequences.
Certificate him in the supermarket is not given, looked askance. The Internet, too, could not find. However, the police reacted calmly to it, the certificate has not been asked yet never.
Also surprised by the absence of the sheath. Position the manufacturer on this issue I, frankly, do not understand.
For throwing knife adapted bad headwind there is a risk of serious injury, primarily psychological.

Easy, convenient city fiksed. Many pretty significant drawbacks.
However, the amount of pluses and minuses - a clear favorite in its price category.




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