One of the few diseases, efficiently and quickly kills its prey.
It is known from ancient times (3000 years BC). A person described in detail Celsius in the 1st century. Recommendations for treatment in those days were very cruel: an incision under the tongue. to release the evil worm eat dog aperture, red-hot key injected into the wound and rotated, releasing evil spirits. The first breakthrough made famous Frenchman L. Pasteur, to create a vaccine against rabies (1880-1885g). But as the press made fun of him! (cm. cartoon below). Perhaps this persecution led to his severe stroke.

Caricature of Pasteur and vaccination


So sick animal can infect the victim or the bite or scratched or licks kozhi.Zhdat development of the disease accounts for up to 1 year! .. The virus moves slowly and sadly along nerve trunks to the brain. Therefore, the most dangerous bites to the head .litso, neck. In this case, the incubation period is shortened dramatically to 10-15 days. If the enemy vulnerable to heel (and even sacrifice tall) - is the virus gets to the brain at a rate of 3 mm / sut.- be months.
Rabies is incurable! If a person was admitted to hospital with a diagnosis of rabies - then live it -nedelya 10 days! (Although several cases are described vyzdorovleniya- but these are exceptions, generally podtverzhayuschiya)
The disease in humans (and with little to distinguish the animals) prtekaet in three stages
1. Depression (1-3 days) .bessonitsa. anxiety, fear of death. Pain, burning at the site of the scar from the bite
2. Initiation (1-4 days) prstupy rabies (hence the old name, hydrophobia), accompanied by painful spasms glotki.Provotsiruyutsya even the sound of water, and even thought about it, and since it is joined by a very excessive salivation (saliva just flows without swallowing ), then joins an agonizing thirst. Gradually, the excitement grows, it develops into a riot. join the terrible and horrible hallucinations, the buyout of the patient tries to escape (hence the expression crazy) .Voznikaet sometimes spontaneous erection and ejaculation (the reader is advised not to giggle: layer upon layer of the virus eats away at the brain is irreversibly)
Quote from the classic description of this stage (unfortunately I can not find the author):
"Rabies virus has a special place in this community killers, it destroys nerve tsentry.Mozg razdvaivaetsya.Odna as if part of it is mad, returning to the origins of human and animal existence showering cascades hallucinations.
-Uydite! says the patient. Go away or I cease to be responsible for their actions! He remains odin.Na lips acts pena.On able to smash to pieces the table, break the iron cot and often separates from the wall of the steam otpopleniya battery. Suddenly a roar of a waterfall. Thirsty. He reaches for a non-existent water and falls, writhing in convulsions. And then raid hurricane winds and strangled, clutching his throat grew louder spasms. Igde something here. beside. Lives lump unquenchable consciousness. He knows that no storms or waterfalls. All of this deceit. But he could not prevent a new deception and new hallucinations and torments. It only warns they close fit, now is the ... ยป
3 Paralytic (hours-days) sham recovery. No attacks cease hydrophobia, a glimmer of hope for recovery (and maybe all right?) uvy- no.
Ascending paralysis and sudden respiratory arrest.

So what to do?
If you fit fox lick there, or poteretsya- kill if there is more than (- stick a shovel, etc.). Normal animals do not fawn to person.
Bitten or licks paha- or wash with soapy water or diluted ammonia
Further, it is desirable to hydrogen peroxide. Then alcohol or iodine.
Next to physicians. Forget fable pro40 injections in the stomach. Coca another vaccine dosage
It is desirable to drag with a head or the body of an animal or animal or the animal itself (Just do not ask how this is technically done pofantaziruet-yourself) Why do nado- head vskroyut and will be able to determine whether the animal is hurt or not. If not, walk, will not be vaccinated. If the dog or cat is desirable to lock up for 10 days (quarantine) for observation. All in poryadke- again walk. Not povezlo- vaccination (injected attenuated virus tortured us in the body, the immune system is perturbed invasion answer the production of antibodies that will finish the real, wild virus travels to the brain bitten.
By the way, like Poe, Edgar Allan who died of rabies (cat licked they are lizuchimi)
In December 2009, just before the NG in the South-East of Moscow (in my opinion ul.Ferganskaya) dog has infected 41 people! Apparently, they got an emergency basis, and rabies immunoglobulin and rabies vaccine, Let's hope and pray for them.

Do not refuse vaccination (it's free) dogs or cats (and suddenly go to the country), and that there were precedents, you know, sir. If I nado- tell.

Engraving depicting a patient with rabies


Called RNA virus genome (the shape is similar to an elongated pistol bullet-see photo) .Not loves alcohol and alkali. (Incl economy. Soap, pp ammonia). The reservoir in nature are relevant hischniki.Dlya Russian fox volki.No can hurt any mammal. If will be in the western polusharii- in Central and northern South America at night you can infect only parasitic mlekopitayuschee- flying mouse-vampire (desmoid) - the bite is painless., Sleep is not disturbed. (see. photo)

Vampirchiki - reservoir of rabies


e-mail a photo of the virus (so they are very small, the optics do not take) the reconstruction of the virion (in RNA, protein outside the case) say. even pistol bullets, a slow-witted Berdan


patient (note the clamps for hands)


engraving: dog, rabid


another (the dog bit wrong. I have described, there are differences)


Dogs all


also documented the hands


there is also a "quiet" paralytic form immediately




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