The three most dangerous viruses in the world

There are many dangerous viruses that affect humans, but scientists believe the most dangerous flu. In the entire history of its existence, the virus has claimed more lives than any other. The disease is transmitted by airborne droplets, enough microscopic amounts of infected saliva or mucus to infect another person.

Twenty nine million five hundred seventy six thousand seven hundred twenty five

The second enemy of the people – HIV. HIV spreads through infected needles, sexual organs, from a sick mother to child during childbirth, through blood transfusion, breast-feeding, the infected personal hygiene items (razor, epilator). This terrible disease has killed more than 25 million people. People of all ages are at risk and can get infected.

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Thirteen million five hundred seven thousand three hundred fifty five

With a quick virus – ebola virus kill within two days. The one who was lucky to catch this infection, dying in terrible agony. The patient begins internal and external bleeding, vomiting and mental disorders. The human body is destroyed with rapid speed. The autopsy showed that the internal organs literally turn to jelly. Will contract the virus is not difficult. Sexual intercourse with a sick person, use of contaminated needles, contact with the body of a dead man – all this leads to infection of the Ebola virus. This terrible disease, there is also a kind of called Zaire. People who managed to catch that fever, die in 90% of cases.

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Nineteen million two hundred thirty nine thousand six hundred thirty four

Merciless to human disease – rabies. For all history of existence of this infection managed to survive only 10 for ill people. The fact that the incubation period of the disease lasts about four days, sometimes up to 30. If after a bite for 4 days do not get vaccinated people will die 99.9% of the time. The first symptoms of rabies appear on the 4th day after the bite, but after appeared the symptoms of the disease, to save an infected person is almost not real. According to this, if you are bitten by an animal should be immediately vaccinated, and not wait for the symptoms of the disease.

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