The fact that the recently opened Israeli doctors is staggering! The solution of the whole problem of life was found.

The human immunodeficiency virus is the virus that causes AIDS. Identified HIV in 1983, and since then there have been discovered four types.


HIV lowers the body's resistance to various kind of diseases. Infection with this virus occurs when injected into the bloodstream of a healthy person bodily fluids of an infected person.


In the external environment, the virus dies almost instantly, so that HIV infection can only be contact.


The cure Vido recently there were no medications that can cure a person from HIV. Was drugs to ease the disease, but they only prolonged the inactive HIV infection, without giving a complete healing.


Recently, scientists at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem made a startling discovery. They claim to have identified a protein, called Gammora, which can almost completely destroy HIV in the human body.


At the moment, the drug has already undergone the testing stage. Appears normal tablets that contain protein Gammora in a concentrated form.


The effectiveness of the product is staggering. 97% is the rate of productive destruction of HIV in an infected organism. Such indicators were not able to reach anyone yet.


It is very important that side effects Gammora has not. This means that the drug will exclusively act on the virus, while ignoring healthy cells.


High probability that this drug appears on the pharmaceutical market within the next year. The cost will be significantly lower than the other drugs, to combat HIV.


The researchers hope that the drug will soon be available in the poorest regions of Africa, where the HIV incidence has increased drastically.


Amazing news, right? This is a new hope for millions of people around the world and a new phase in everyone's life, who can heal. Be sure to share this great news with your friends on social media, let more people know about this incredible breakthrough.

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