The Allium, or ornamental onion, is a perfect flower for our latitude. The plot was changed!

The plot is decorated with flowers pleasing to the eye and uplifting. It's hard to imagine even the simplest landscape design without flowering plants. Of course, flowers require special care, but there is one picky plant that looks so amazing, if was from another planet.

The Allium, or ornamental onion, low maintenance and requires almost no attention. It grows well in light and partial shade and in full sun, and in the most ordinary soils. But it looks like an exotic flower. About it to you today tell the editors "Website".

Decorative loquacity the Allium can be autumn or spring. If you have early-flowering varieties of the Allium, they should be planted in September so the bulbs have time to take root, and spring or summer bloom safely. If you have a late-flowering cultivar of Allium — it can be planted in the spring.

Be sure to observe the depth of planting ornamental onionsto the plant is not killed. When planting Allium whole bulb depth should be about two size. The distance between two neighboring follicles of about half a meter. Pleasant is the fact that the Allium grows 4-5 years without replanting.

Note: when the peduncle of Allium is preparing to bloom, the leaves often began to die. Does not terminate them — they should fall off naturally. C their help in the follicle accumulate nutrients. To yellowing leaves of Allium do not spoil the look of a flower garden, plant near other plants with decorative foliage, is able to hide not very nice sheets.

By the way, the leaves of the ornamental onions have the same taste as traditional. But they are much more useful minerals. So you can safely add an Allium to your favorite recipes.

To water decorative bow need as necessary. Excess moisture can destroy the plant. That's why the Allium can not be planted in low-lying areas where spring long melt waters stagnate. So for those who are lazy or forget to water the flowers, is a godsend.

The Allium can be propagated by bulbs and seeds. In the fall during the transplant overgrown follicles just divided and planted at a considerable distance from each other. The second option is more difficult and requires patience. It is not enough that the seeds need to select the best, and a complete plant will be formed in 3-4 years.

This decorative bow is so cool, fits in with landscaping! Can be planted whole avenues of Allium and enjoy their amazing views.

With this decoration your site will be the most beautiful in the County. Such a location can be rent out for photo shoots. Flowering Allium for 2 months

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