All season he collected cones, and the neighbors wondered... Now they go to his garden, to the Museum.

One of my friends all summer collecting cones and brought them home. Surrounding with laughter and skepticism about his collecting. But what was their surprise when a little later the master was placed in the house and the garden is amazing and unique crafts.

Hardly in the world there are people who do not know what the bumps. But not all know how much you can get out of this amazing natural material.

But, giving a second life to old things and combining them into interesting crafts, you can get enough of cute and functional things immediately sparkle with new colors.

The editors of "Site" has prepared for you 17 brilliant ideas to create useful objects of decor in the house and garden from the cones. Simply adorable!

  1. That's one of the creations of men. Impressive, isn't it?

  2. From cones, you can create interesting and eco-friendly pots for pots. Looks original and unusual!

  3. Cones can be easily disassembled into pieces (plates). You can hang them on the vase. Like the scales of a dragon, isn't it?

  4. In this basket would look great as fruit and flowers.

  5. And it is possible to combine the bumps with an electric garland and get amazing results.


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