In every closet there's an object that can be much wider use than you think. I know!

A clothes hanger has in every home. They help keep clothes in good condition. But few people realize that this simple thing can be used that way.


Edition "Website" will tell you how to make a coat hanger could store a lot more clothes and turn them into very necessary and convenient household items.

Hangers for clothes
  1. The simplest thing you can make from wire hangers, drying rack for small things. So the wind won't blow your socks or underwear. And in the closet to store them so comfortable.

  2. Wooden hangers can make gorgeous stand for plates. It is cheaper than buying in the store.

  3. Good idea for Shoe storage. Looks nice, and the place is a little bit.

  4. How's this for a fruit stand for? The kitchen would look very stylish.

  5. A small table can easily make out the four hangers. Perfectly complement the interior.

  6. Feel free to use a coat hanger not only for storing coats and shirts, but also for accessories.

  7. You can attach the usual hangers in the bathroom. First you need to turn the hanger hook 90 degrees, find a few bolts and a wooden rod that should be attached to the wall. Hang the hanger and keep it on their towels.

  8. Scrapie 2 hangers and use them for storage of pillows.

  9. If your closet is overloaded with things to avoid chaos in it, staple a few hangers. This way you will be able to maintain order.

  10. Even the lamp can be made of wooden coat hanger.

Also can watch in this video how to use a coat hanger wire.

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