How to choose new potatoes? This trick was taught to me by one seller!

The beginning of summer the most delicious time. The first strawberries and cherries, peas and carrots... And of course, young potatoes! It seems nothing can be tastier than boiled young potatoes with herbs. But before you can prepare an amazing dish, you need to choose a useful root crops.


Best of all, of course, to eat potatoes grown in their own garden. But, unfortunately, not everyone has that opportunity. Edition "Website" will tell you how in a jiffy to choose the most delicious and healthy potatoes on the market.


Delicious new potatoes
  1. Appearance of root points directly to it useful or harmful properties. The tubers must be entire, firm, smooth, uniform color. It's quite simple to determine with the naked eye.

  2. Dark spots on the skin or even a small point — a direct symptom of Phytophthora, a disease that affects the tubers inside. Such potatoes are not worth buying, even if there is only one root to the defect. The rest of the disease can be hidden.

  3. It is better to buy the roots of medium size. After all, too large is certainly a huge amount of nitrates, but too small potatoes quite uncomfortable to clean.

  4. Potatoes with green sides — not a sign of unripe fruit. Such tubers categorically can not be eaten, because they contain the toxic substance solanine, is able to affect the human nervous system.

  5. Try to press a nail into the potatoes. If the hole got water, so a potato is generously fertilized with nitrates.

  6. Another effective way to check the quality of the potatoes — to break off from the tuber piece. If you hear a crunch, then potato quality. If the potatoes cotton is so soft, it is abundantly fertilized with nitrogenous additives.

  7. If the potatoes boil too long or emit unusual odor while cooking, the fruit should not take it.

As you can see, buy safe and delicious potatoes on the market — simple! It remains only to cook, add oil and to strew greens. Delicious!


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