Petrovsky dock. Kronstadt.

Strengthened in the Northern War the Russian fleet, began to come more and more foreign ships.
Only June 22, 1715, Peter I met both 45 English and Dutch ships.
In order to be able to quickly repair the ships needed a dry dock.

The gate of the western dock.

The project of Peter I had to make a dock and deep pool. The idea was that docking was drained quickly by draining the water from the dock to the pool dug below the level of the bottom of the dock.
From the pool water, slowly, pumped to pump wind turbine. For trips to Europe, Peter studied the device docks Dutch and English, which was the lack of long-term pumping of water (water is pumped over a month).

2. South Dock in force longer than all the others, and finally abandoned only 5 years ago.

The construction of the channel to the dock began in 1719. From the decree of Peter on May 8, 1719: "to start the channel near the cathedral church of St. Andrew the Apostle from the sea shore to the docks, and docks, and also decorate the sides of the canalĀ».

For the construction of the soldiers were transferred from Vyborg, Parnu, Moscow. For local men do not shirk hard work - they are distributed in the battalions.
For the first year it was planned to dig a canal 180 yards long, 15 yards wide and 2 yards deep.
In the works employed about 3,000 people.

But the people and material was not enough, and the construction was delayed. Then Peter addressed to Commissioner Peter Nikiforovich Krekshino requested to entrust him to dig a canal.
He offered even more to expand the channel to 16 fathoms and deepen - up to 4, 5 yards. To organize Krekshino asked scrap 100 2000 shovels, pickaxes 1000, 800 trucks, as well as powder and subversion to undermine the Masters of large stones.
Completion of the channel was in May 1721.
In case of failure of the works Krekshino responsible not only all the money spent, and their movable and immovable property, but their lives.

When laying channel are facing great difficulties - had to endure many buildings and gardens are not without the intervention of Peter.
But by 1722 the canal was mostly dug and were working to strengthen the walls of the channel.
It was built water tower with wind turbine - the "great tower over the channelĀ».


Peter I did not see the completion of his creation. In the years 1724-1725 were still working on the arrangement of the channel and the docks.
After Peter's death, the construction work in Kronstadt fell into disrepair, but work on the canal and the dock continued.

The prospect of Peter Street. Away to the left seen flats of Vasilyevsky Island, to which approximately 25 kilometers.

In 1732, when Princess Anne Ioannovna, a commission was formed, headed by Major General J. von Lyuberasom for inspection channel. I. Background Lyuberas proposed to extend and deepen the dock basin to drain the water from the docks faster.
Work began.
Walls laid out channel of hewn stone. However, the construction of which is planned to complete the engineering for three years, dragged another 15 years.

19 quarter.

Canal opened July 30, 1752 in the presence of Empress Elizabeth - she launched the sluice mechanisms. Three times the burst cannon salute from 1331 standing in harbors squadron. Major-General I. Background Lyuberas was awarded the Order of St. Andrew.

Naval Cathedral in the woods. The reconstruction is planned for 2013.

The unique hydraulic structure extends for 2 to 24 kilometers. In it could be repaired at the same time up to 10 large ships. For the middle of the XVIII century it was a grand building!

In 1774, on the banks of the pool Petrovsky dock began to establish Russia's first steam engine for pumping water. She was brought from Scotland and established in Kronstadt about two years.

Merchant harbor, Fort Paul and culverts B2 ...

In the middle of the northern coast of the dock basin built special buildings. After entering the miracle machine into operation dock it became possible to drain the pool for nine days. Steam installation has served more than 75 years!

Forts with Peter Alexander and navigation openings C1, under which a tunnel is built.

Part Petrovsky dock is used to repair ships and in our days. Pool Kronstadt dock serves as an ornament, and the main dock facilities are in poor condition, although they have a very impressive sight.

Afraid to climb to the top of the crane


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