As in 1914, represented the Moscow

In 1914, commissioned by the confectionery factory "Einem" was released series of postcards on which an unknown artist depicted as, according to his ideas, will look to Moscow XXII and XXIII of centuries. Here are these wonderful cards with the author's signature to them. Incidentally, similarly fantasized while the West. Central vokzal

Winter the same as when we have 200 years ago. Snow White and the same cold. Central Station Earth and air routes. Tens of thousands of arrival and departure, everything goes very quickly, consistently and conveniently. The passengers - earth and air. Visitors can move with the speed of telegrams. Moskvoretsky most

Kremlin just decorates the ancient white stone with gold domes is an enchanting sight. Immediately at the Moscow River bridge we see the huge new building trade companies, trusts, associations, syndicates, and so on. D. On the background of sky gracefully glide cars hanging air road ... Lubyanka ploschad

Clear evening. Lubyanka Square. Blue sky draw a clear line of luminous airplanes, airships and air cars of the road. From under the bridge area fly long wagons Moscow Metro, which at us in 1914, only talked about. On the bridge over the Underground we see slim squad valiant Russian troops will retain its shape even with our times. In the blue air, we notice a trade Einem airship, flying to Tula with a supply of chocolate to retailers. River Moskva

Lively, noisy side of the great shipping Moscow River. Transparency deep wave wide trading port incur huge transport and trade cruisers and multi-storey passenger ships. The entire fleet of the world - only shopping. Military abolished after the peace treaty in The Hague. In the bustling harbor seen Diverse costumes of all the peoples of shara, for the Moscow River became the world's commercial port. Peter park

We are transported mentally to Petrovsky Park. Alley expanded beyond recognition. Ancient Petrovsky Palace was restored, and it focuses Museum Petrine era. Everywhere beat, flashing, marvelous fountains. Deprived of germs and dust, it is clean air airships and airplanes penetrate. Crowds of people in bright costumes century XXIII enjoy the wondrous nature in the same place where, happened, we walked, great-great-great-grandparents. Red ploschad

Red Square. The noise of the wings, the sound of trams, cyclists horns, sirens, cars, crackling motors, screaming audience. Minin and Pozharsky. Shadows of airships. In the center - a policeman with a sword. Timid pedestrians fleeing on Calvary. So it will be years through 200. Petersburg shosse

Beautiful clear winter 2259-year. Area "old" merry Moscow, the ancient "Yar" still serves as a broad Muscovites fun, as was the case when we have more than 300 years ago. For convenience and amenities Posts St. Petersburg highway entirely converted into ice-crystal mirror, in which flying, gliding, graceful snowmobile. Immediately on small aerosalazkah dart traditional Sbitenschik and sellers aerosaek hot. And in the XXIII century Moscow true to its traditions. Theatrical ploschad

Theatre Square. The pace of life has increased a hundredfold. Throughout lightning movement wheel, cruise, propeller and other devices. Existed in 1846 Trading House Muir and Merliz now grown to fabulous proportions, with its main offices are connected to the air railways. From under the bridge fly multiple motors. Somewhere in the distance a fire. We see a car fire brigade, which in a moment cease disaster. At the same fire hurry biplanes, monoplanes and a plurality of air prolёtok.



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