Excursion to the submarine (27 photos)

People who visited a private museum (in the form of a submarine), which is located near the embankment Lieutenant Schmidt St. Petersburg,
We decided to tell their fascinating tour and interesting facts about the submarine.

After World War II to the Soviet military industry it sets a global challenge - providing the army with modern military equipment, capable of withstanding the strongest opponents to exceed them. In many Soviet design bureaus work started on the development of new tanks, aircraft, ships ... One hundred KB been CDB-18, where he developed an entirely new type of submarine, dubbed Project-613. In 1950, it had been launched the first boat of a new project, which has become the most widespread type of attack submarines in the postwar history of the USSR. Total from 1951 to 1958. It was built 215 submarines of this project in the USSR, and 21 - in China. We leave on a tour of the submarine.

1. Marine C-189 project 613 has been laid at the Baltic plant March 31, 1954 and launched on 4 September. In addition to military campaigns, she participated in the testing of new models of weapons at the site of Lake Ladoga. Until 1988 it passed a diving school thousands of sailors, sergeants and officers. After serving almost 35 years, he was removed from the Navy in 1990 and later, in 1999, sank in the port of Kronstadt Merchant harbor, sunk at the dock on the ground because of the loss of buoyancy. In 2005, at the expense of a businessman and a former submariner Andrew Artyushina submarine was raised and placed in the dock on Kanonersky factory where has found a second birth. After the repair and restoration of the interiors on its base was created a private museum, which opened March 18, 2010 at the Lieutenant Schmidt quay in St. Petersburg.

2. In 1942, the designers of CDB-18 began to work on the draft of a new medium submarine, designed to replace the boats of the "Pike." In 1944, both projects were submitted to the Office of shipbuilding, but did not receive support from the non-fulfillment of the requirements for armament and range. July 30, 1944 in the Gulf was sunk by a German submarine U-250 Type VIIC. Sunken at a depth of 27 meters in October, lifted the boat and towed to Kronstadt. The People's Commissar of the Navy NG Kuznetsov in January 1945 issued an order according to which stopped work on the project 608 and 613 began to create a project that was to be based on the structure of the German boat, but with a slight increase in tonnage from 770 to 800 tonnes . The construction of submarines of Project 613 was conducted from 1950 to 1957. Annual production reached 73 units.

3. The project has 613 double-hulled design. All-welded robust housing with an external placement of the frames is divided by watertight bulkheads 7 compartments - 2 torpedo residential, 2 battery housing, the central post, diesel, Electromotive.

4. descent, or if I may say so, "main entrance" into a submarine


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