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Smoking in public places? In Bhutan, you will find three years in prison. Ridiculed the King of Thailand or photos, you will find about 15 years in prison. The most unusual and cruel punishment around the world in this collection.

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1. In Canada, it is illegal to post the election results on Facebook and Twitter before the stop exit polls. This is the memory of the Act of 1938, which was intended for journalists working in areas, but now it applies to people using social networks. In April 2011, Canadian officials have warned users of social networks, which they are required to ensure compliance with this and other laws during the elections on May 2, 2011. Failure to do so can lead to five years in prison and a fine of $ 25,000. Around the world - and even in the West - people are faced with the harsh, sometimes unusual punishment for their actions. Let's find out, what exactly.

2. Growing or import tobacco or smoking in public places is illegal in Bhutan. In January 2011, a nation known for its conservatism adopted the law on the punishment for people who are engaged in smuggling of tobacco products - they face up to three years in prison. As of April 2011, two people already serving time for a similar crime - including a Buddhist monk.

3. In January 2011, the Chinese authorities have sentenced a farmer to life in prison and fined him $ 302,000 for the use of fake military license plates, to avoid charges for the use of the highway from 2008 to 2009 in the amount of $ 560,000. But immediately subsequent public outcry, - during which many noted that the punishment for murder and rape are much milder - persuaded officials to begin a new trial.

4. In February 2011, Bingu wa Mutharika, President of Malawi has reportedly passed a law that punishes deflation gases in public places, with the motivation that such a law would contribute to "the discipline and self-control of citizens' law also aims for a duel. In addition, the punishment shall be those who "pretends to be fortune tellers, disturbs the peace of the cemeteries or offends the sense of decency women."

Sudanese journalist Lubna 5. Ahmed al-Hussein faced the prospect of 40 lashes for wearing a camel-hair "indecent" clothing, while in the restaurant. Her story became famous in the West trial. She was eventually forced to simply pay the fine, which she also refused to pay, but was released when the Journalists Union paid for it. From the latest news - 16-year-old Christian girl has been sentenced to 50 lashes for wearing too short skirts - it lifts the knees.

6. For the king of Thailand ridicule or photos you get to fifteen years in jail for insulting the monarchy.

7. If you were a tailor, living under the rule of "Taliban" in Afghanistan, you would get a prison sentence for removal of measures with female clients. If you were a woman who used a nail polish, you would cut off your fingers.

8. Singapore is famous for hefty fines for everything, ranging from the use of chewing gum, and ending not deflated in the toilet water. Bring smelly durian fruit (pictured) in public transport - will have to pay a $ 3500 fine. Overstayed a visa? You will be beaten with rods - rattan sticks four feet long and half an inch thick, soaked in water.

9. Until recently, in Shandong province, if you are too often use the Internet, you might send to the clinic, where treated to electroshock. The Ministry of Health repealed the law in July 2009.

10. Do not expect sympathy or understanding, if you have been raped in Saudi Arabia. Under the court is likely in this case it is you go. In 2007, a gang rape victim sentenced to 200 lashes and six months in prison - for violating the law of finding the women in the company of men, if men are not close relatives. (Its abusers, while initially only been sentenced to 10 months.)

11. Do you like to ride with the wind? Not in Kansas. For screeching tires on the asphalt can go to jail for 30 days.

12. If you paste a postage stamp with the image of Queen Elizabeth on the envelope upside down in the UK, you can be charged with treason and jailed

13. A Denmark you will be arrested for wearing masks in public places. The law was passed in order to power had the opportunity to see exactly who comes to the protests

14. If you hold hands or kiss in public in Malaysia, you risk at year end up behind bars

15. In China, corporate responsibility is solely responsible for the actions of your company - literally. In the case of fraud, bribery, or other abuses you risk getting the death penalty, as the head of the company, who was sentenced to death in 2007 for fraud in 390 million. Dollars - he lured gullible fake program to breed giant ants

16. Going to take a sandwich when traveling to Yemen? Not worth it. Import of pork in a Muslim country is punishable by death.

17. If you are in Thailand zasekut chewing gum, will have to pay a fine of $ 600.



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