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Russian Federal Migration Service (FMS) stopped issuing work permits Tajiks, said "" the chairman of the movement "Tajik labor migrants" Karomat Sharipov, Compare what is happening with the anti-Georgian campaign in Russia in 2006.

"Today FMS banned accepting applications for work permit for citizens of Tajikistan - even for people with higher education. I reported by people who are now trying to apply, they came out and said they will not consider anything "- said Sharipov.

"In the same way expelled Georgians from Russia. And the Russian lost to Georgia. Then he lost the Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and now it looks like all of Tajikistan, "- protested Sharipov.

"" could not get a prompt comment Spokesman FMS.

Earlier, the Federal Migration Service confirmed on Thursday detained ten foreign migrant workers, without specifying their nationality. This confirmation came immediately after the movement of "Holy Russia" announced the raid in central Moscow, during which were allegedly detained 50 citizens of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.

Sharipov said he did not know about the arrest on Thursday night Tajiks in Moscow, but spent a similar campaign against Russian citizens living in Georgia in 2006.

Earlier on Thursday after a meeting between President Dmitry Medvedev and the head of the Federal Migration Service Konstantin Romodanovsky, where they talked about Tajik migrants, the first reports indicating that in Russia might have started a large-scale campaign against the citizens of Tajikistan, which resembles the 2006 campaign.

On the eve of Medvedev warned against Tajikistan will be taken, including the "asymmetric". At a meeting with bloggers, he commented on the verdict of the Russian airline pilots Viktor Sadovnichy and Alexei Rudenko.

A day later the head of the Federal Migration Service Medvedev presented statistics according to which citizens of Tajikistan allegedly committed the largest number of offenses among visitors. "TimesĀ»



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