A day in the life of a programmer

If you understand this code of 0.2 - 1 second, well, congratulations - this is no big deal.

If not - do not worry, I'll tell you about the people who "broke" his brain, in particular, about their working day.

The majority, ignorant or just prone to stereotypes people have the impression that it is about a programmer that is shown in the image below. I work in this area, and I hurt for such a strange attitude. On the pages of this myth sledyuuschih be dispelled.

The majority, ignorant or just prone to stereotypes people have the impression that it is about a programmer that is shown in the image below. I work in this area, and I hurt for such a strange attitude. On the pages of this myth sledyuuschih be dispelled.

Here is the way, that we impose it. Why - is unclear.

Tipo warning

Just make a reservation - if you feel that the text, photo or video files present some pathos, bluff or other Huet - I can assure you - to show you. It's just one day out of my or any other programmer life.


Here, me and my friend either 15, or 16 years. We are still learning at school, probably the tenth grade. We still do not know how these terrible words approximation, interpolation, deploy, Komichi, production, fuck up, vdzhobyvat, bildets, vzbildnut and many other heresies. We do not know how to practically nothing, except how to write unpretentious JavaScript-scripts and HTML-pages. But in that moment with joy thinking: "so we have a precise program will be without bugs and errors, not the fact that mastdayke." We still do not know how to use (yes if we then asked: "Do be able to you use Windows? - we would neighing voice and asked the man if he is not sick ») Windows, although I think that there is no big deal, and this system is flawed. But, nevertheless, it does not interfere in the voice shout: Yes, those who programmed "Windu" - morons! Ah, youth. Now I am ashamed, and in fact had for himself proud.

In general, two young fool.

A day in the life of a programmer

I am a software engineer. That is, in other words, the stairs "zadrotstva" Equal of the profession among the IT-industry is not. We - the best software engineers zadrochennye people. And we're proud of it.

Get up after six in the morning is not really desirable. The brain is not yet awake, his head swimming, and only music helps to get up and limp to the bathroom.

But now, before you go to the bathroom, I got to the camera, pre-cooked and charged, and took a picture of the TV. Why - I do not know, I just wanted to. In the picture you can see: PlayStation, which I so stubbornly turn a blind every morning, amp, subwoofer, Pumbaa from "Hepi-Mil" (toys for the sixteenth year has gone, but he still gorgeous), and of the portfolio to the shape well and track translation - "I will not give up."

Waking up every morning, I repeat this phrase. It Helps.

While I was washing in the kitchen preparing breakfast - porridge in the microwave, tea insisted the meat is cooked in the evening. Breakfast is simple: 80 grams of oatmeal, 150 grams of meat, two sweets, green tea without sugar. Proper breakfast - good day, "Blo Blo Blo." In fact - in the morning I like to load only one reason (the phrase is not mine, but cool) should be hungry muscles athlete, not his stomach.

Gathered, dressed, feed cat (yes photo it will be, but later) - get out. The clock 7:01

In the photo - my friend (no, not the one on the first picture - what happened to him, I will tell later). With him we get to the first point of the day - the gym. Hall, at the expense of the company was opened in July this year, so it takes only the fourth month (I can not boast - threw the 14 kilogram, cheers rocking!). The friend did not want to be photographed, for some unknown reasons, the universal. If you look at the pictures, though bad, but it is clear that he is blond. Stupidly a real blonde, but smart as hell. Another interesting feature - his surname begins the same as the name of well-known cartoon character Bart Simpson, who, incidentally, is also blond, really stupid.

I call it blonde - he, in turn, calls me an idiot or asshole. Here and friends. We arrived - I have asked me to take a picture on the background of the machine with sweets. Sweet love, but I do not eat. There are reasons, of which below. View my tortured. At 7:59 hours.

Here it is reason - our coach. Too sleepy. Actually, once I had a stereotype that all inflated, trained people - quite far away. I confess, was wrong - our coach a great guy, always have something to talk about and discuss news, movies, books. In the business understands wonderful. Now a second tower.

Actually, I am. Friends say that I have at all photo evil person Tipo "I can not give offense." I am kind, honest =)

Exercise at the press - always wanted squares. While the terrain is not particularly visible (in the picture itself so I'm a T-shirt), but I do not give up - the new year, a maximum of the end of winter should appear. At least, I'd like to.

Exercise for biceps - small weight, still sushus.

Next I was supposed to be a picture of my friend who Bart, but he did not want to (again due to the ecumenical cause and some more stuff). So instead photo of my cat - and he is smart in all ways.

The clock 10:00 - time for lunch, and closing windows protein. While the machine heats up, just before I left immediately to work, I eat cheese -pachka to pound. It is useful and even a bit tasty.

The ride to work in the city takes about 20-30 minutes on the ring road no more than 6. The choice of the path is clear. Out at 10:20 on site 10:26

The building where I work, not photographed - just forgot. But recovered in the lobby, he pulled the camera, clicked welcomes all two trees. It is a pity that it is not dissolved photographed behind a glass door - there is a beauty salon or something like that. The funny thing to me is that inside the run pugs. Why are they in the barbershop - is unclear. But they are there. Sometimes a yapping. In general, the sight of fun and quite sweet.

Down the hall Photo of New York and the entrance to the small restaurant. On it will be discussed below (the place is very tolerable, I recommend).

Came home. Oh, that is, to work. In other matters, what is the difference - I have not decided yet where to. The phrase is not mine, and a friend who was on the first photo.

The logos shown on the door - is a small fraction of those for whom we are working, and whose products you people consume.

It is impossible not to notice Chuck - without harsh code is not written, and there is no desire to work

He went into the room, username, password, rushed work. Throw photos code useless - first, all we sign non-disclosure agreements, and secondly average user does not understand, but it you do not. Suppose that for you it is the magic =)

The clock 14:45 - go to dinner. In general, in our profession there is no strict time when you go to dinner. Just want and go. We can not allow only very very important things that do not occur very often. Exception - stand up meetings. This is the sort of thing where all gather together and begin to discuss what everyone is ready (= want) to do this week. From those who want no rebound. The team is always someone something interested.

As for the photo - it juice. One glass of tomato, the other with grapefruit.

Daily lunch (do not consider a bluff just are really cool) takes place on the ground floor in the restaurant. Like I said, pretty well prepared here.

As a child, and a teenager, due to the poverty of parents (these people are called decent) I dreamed of every day there is in these places do not care about money. Just eat what you want, and then give the card as it is in the movies and enjoy your meal. Well, one dream come true, and I am extremely happy. For the first time, when there were only the money - a set of parents, saying that all paid for (because they saw so little in his wretched existence). They were delighted. To me it was a pleasure.

Food brought agree - it looks appetizing. And yes, my best friend, lighted with the first photos finally appeared in my story again. At the moment when I photographed it, the phrase was so naive and sincere smile that made "in the course of a pizza knife do not eat. Something I now tuplyu "And yes, we are working together and that's cool.

Once again, for the job. Head hit the shot - of my colleagues. Great guys. The article is called a day in the life of a programmer. Since show nothing is impossible, you can log on to the company's glowing pictures - look flip. It is written, we (by "we" I mean the whole account - friendly family of programmers, testers, designers, architects and managers due to each of which is made possible).

Very good and cool man, my colleague. But if that - the sleeve is always a crowbar or brass knuckles. He does not like "the bad guys (our trash)," and they are afraid of him, on the area of ​​sidestep. In the photo - tracing the site if you do says something =)

Colleagues probationary period for 16:30 hours so that we are all in a few seconds there will be cake, chocolate and all sorts of delicious things. If it was a Friday, would be replaced by degrees drinks. But now only Tuesday - but it's great. On the left - seven cups of seven people (your CEP). And in the photo has a tester, try to guess who =)

In the foreground, a colleague with whom sawed one project - to give it a hard and obscenities. The other day finished - now happy, because it works, and works smartly (pah pah pah spat that would not jinx).

Specifically I asked the guys to grind something stupid. It turned out great.

If someone did not think the tester is a girl. She's just one problem: "Guys I'm not fat! What do I do? "Rejoice, you fool! Someday I'll answer it as well.

The violet - chocolate, imported from Germany. Very tasty, but the real interest was the package - if you take it out of the chocolate, in its place immediately becomes another. The Germans - a practical people. No need to be picked in the box, everything goes up.

And here is the hero of the occasion - you see, he can sharpen faces. Cool guy - especially his laughter is contagious. Even if a great sadness, still will smile. Well even the beard - it drags.

At 18:23 hours, I decided to take pictures of themselves while waiting for the elevator. Now we have to work comes the fun part. But the most interesting will be a little later.

Arriving on the fourth floor - once photographed the table football. People are not. In it we love "chopped" during a lunch break. And now everyone else.

The guy standing close to the camera - when we look at something like Arnold Schwarzenegger. The same sound and the same hairdo. Diminutive name of Arnie. More frequent - Alzen. By the way, despite its resemblance to Arnie, he brutally clever. I still do not know that it has more intelligence or power. I remember when he wrote the math on 99 out of 100. He was very upset, outraged and would almost go to complain. By the way, I wrote the same math on 86, which was indescribably happy.

And here is what is going to the people - yes, exactly. PlayStation 3 and the great and mighty Mortal Combat. In the evenings we love it "chopped". And who does not love that?

While the boys are cut - someone sitting in the kitchen. Someone is waiting behind the photographing friends =)

Op, Op! My turn came. Even the language of the voltage stuck. Tightens bastard.

Battle continues

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Video Battle, no comment.

Not that the girls is not alien - Alzen pull. On the background can be seen on whom we are working =) A bald head - a man who won the title in October, "the strongest man." Works we are proud of. It is, incidentally, is also a good guy.

After the game back to the workplace, pee code. Then, dressed (at 20:00 hours) headed home.

I met a cat. The sleepy, but are pleased. I scratched it, feed and lay down on the sofa - tomorrow is a new day, tomorrow will be still better.


Much remains behind the scenes. Remove all - is simply impossible. But the main points I have tried to show. Being a programmer cool and prestigious. Mne like it. People in sweaters tucked into jeans I have not met, but would like to.

Today, at 19:50 I praised the chief and said they say: "keep it." It's nice to hear, especially when working on the job (pun?) Of your dreams.

Now we know a lot of other scary words to scare people. Now we have fanaticism, that Windows is not a system, we now know that simply could not (yes now, the truth) do not know how to use it properly. Now we have the money, that we could not think of them as it was seven years ago. We work in a great company with great people.

Perhaps I grew up, became more educated. But in my heart and on paper we are the same fifteen year old dolt who are interested to play games and have fun.

Now video, we actually get to work. It is fun and IDA. Sorry =)

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All! Thank you all for your attention =)



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