You can not just go and stop lying.

Hello friends! The reason for this post was a miraculous coincidence, and even, perhaps, the magic. Most of us live, of course, not in a penthouse, but in ordinary high-rise buildings. Entrances crap (sorry, St. Petersburg, the front is not called), pissed lifts - all this has become commonplace for residents of high-rise buildings.

So, one day I came across a project RosZhKH. I would recommend, but the article is not about him. So. I decided to put an end to lawlessness and corruption, and dashed off through the service appeal to the housing office. Specifically, I am not happy with the deplorable state of the mailbox, and literally spat, pissed, covered with writing and simply disgusting elevator. And not to say that tenants are too pig. Boxes many repair the home, lift my parents three times washed and changed it linoleum. That's all done for the utility 26 years! But as tenants, and my parents did not communal, then the conclusion is that the money we pay for big, fat fucking in our homes.

16 photos via from-mordor

2. It has been over a month and I received a letter from a housing inspection, which leads to some of the Saratov region, Ms. Yu Abramov.
We will not pay attention to that letter was in the mail six days after it was written it was. From zhilinspektsii to the post office 30 minutes on foot. The letter went on to allegedly six days.


4. It turns out that I have bad eyes. In fact, the inspection did not see anything wrong:

5. I am sorry for vertical photo, but otherwise did not lift sfotografiruesh.
Actually, fotochki:

This is the entrance to the elevator to the 8th floor, where I live. What can there be a violation?

6. Impeccably clean walls. Pay attention to advertisements in the elevator. None of the occupants was not at the meeting, which would decide the question of advertising in the elevator installation. And since she is, where is the money?

7. The sanitary condition fucking elevator.

8. Clean and tidy. Probably the same elevator in the house of Mrs. Abramova, once she sees him as violations: namely, dirt and lack of decoration. But I like the parallel preferences Abramova, if only because it should at least a little understanding of the rules and regulations of the technical operation of the housing stock. Or at least read them once.

9. Somewhere in there checking to see active worker.

10. Sterile:

11. Put on the floor any heavy bag is simply impossible. The floor and walls are not washed age 10. But the inspectors and so will descend.

12. The whole conforms to standard, clean door:

13. And the angle opposite

14. The walls are not covered with writing. In other matters, they are right. It worked stamp.

15. And that's the whole and compliance mailboxes.

16. These boxes innovative. They are nanozamki

Something like this.

Well, my friends? Let's wet now? I think it is worth continuing. To start dashed off a complaint to the prosecutor's office of the violation of the terms when dealing with citizens, and at the same time to inform about the inaction of some officials. And the answer bumazhechki chief zhilinspektsii Abramova I hung in his elevator. Let others read.



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