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How did

The emergence of obscure antennas and other devices on the roofs of cars originates from the times of the USSR. At that time, the KGB and other intelligence agencies used them to ensure the confidentiality of communications, wiretapping and so on. We used them in the army and the Special Purpose Garage (GON) - carriage of higher officials.

Over time, in the 90s, began to appear on cars Spetspribor and criminal authorities. They became widespread after everywhere began to blow up sitting in the car with them, "cones". The last mode is entered and the installation of special communication antennas, protecting from radio-controlled explosive devices.

A good example

Quite difficult to find out what actually is in the presidential motorcade vehicles, for example. But partly reveals the theme of security when moving from one car motorcade Barack Obama.

This is the car of electronic warfare, which is at the State Department and the Secret Service. It is used to suppress missiles, air or land, jamming and / or radio intercepts, blocking of radio-controlled explosive devices. Such antennas and devices also have a government, "the top" of Ukraine. In particular, the president. The motorcade always have at least one machine with "horns."

I do not get enough attention from others. Hug me and sundry. this on a Mercedes, which drove himself Yanukovych present seemingly ordinary antenna. But it is unusual ...

Buckets or black pots

Most interesting to know that in the black "bucket" can be found on the government and simply expensive cars. Some confuse them with flashing lights, supposedly the covered covers. By the way, when in 2011, the media wrote about the motorcade of People's Deputy from PR Jury Ivanyushchenko (in the narrow circles - Yura Yenakiyevo), journalists and mixed "buckets" with flashing lights. Even after the publication as «PS» was appended, that it is not flashing lights, and the alleged "Shroud."

"Shroud." On the Internet you are unlikely to find the exact specifications and purpose of the complex. However, as well as find out the cost. And the company, which is engaged in Ukraine, sale and installation of such "devices" is not very public. However, she often appears in the tenders for the purchase of special equipment for the Security Service and other agencies. Name it - the scientific and production center "Infozahist." The basic principle of the NPC - either explicitly or indirectly call their clients and customers, as even the fact of the company, the customer can be used by ill-wishers for their own purposes.

Electronic systems "veil" is designed to protect against radio-controlled explosive devices, as well as to protect the technical information. In addition, the complex serves to block cellular phones. The set includes six antennas (various types, including the "bucket") and a metal monoblock (often placed in the luggage compartment). The cost of the complex - about 20-25 thousand dollars.

It is worth noting that there are other systems that perform roughly the same function as the "shroud." Any foreign counterparts. There LPG production. For example, it can sometimes be found in the VIP-cars and complexes of the Experimental Design Bureau Ralioapparatury "Cobra".

Unobtrusive antenna

In the CIS countries are represented, basically, both old and new "Caucasus", "carat", "Angstrom" and "Rosa". All this special communication systems, which, if introduced into the details, have significant differences. One of the first who started to use them is Leonid Brezhnev. It is possible to see his cars set at an angle of half-meter antenna of the mobile radio communication system of government "Rosa".

Use of each of these systems is to provide a secure communications leaders law enforcement agencies and government officials. To make it clearer what the special communication, for example, consider the "Caucasus" (and remember at the same time the antenna on the Mercedes Viktor Yanukovych).

"Caucasus". 7 is divided into code groups. Depending on how easy it can provide a secure phone and document communication, and communication with mobile objects (planes, ships and so forth.). Complex uses channels wired, short-wave and satellite communications. Version as "Kavkaz-7" is a secure channel telecode communication in order to immediately disseminate information about nuclear attack to the first persons of the state, regardless of their location and broadcast system of centralized command and control of the decision (sanctions) for the organization of the response (the use of nuclear missile weapons).

On vehicles to recognize the presence of the "Caucasus" of the antenna can be a 25-30-centimeter pin with a triangular base, set at an angle of 60-70 degrees.

Antennas other complexes look like the "Caucasus", yet others. However, we have here is not a circle of amateur radio, so that will not be implemented in subtlety. It is important to note that such a complex set in your car does not turn out. First, the antenna is the pinnacle of "iceberg", and the "iceberg" in a huge suitcase (let's call it so) is not fit to all cars. Second - in the car with special communication must always remain a man with a service weapon. And the third, is "pleasure" is not cheap and can not be used for personal purposes without special permission from the relevant authorities.


The small "horns" on the roof of the vehicle may indicate the presence of terrestrial digital terrestrial television DVB-T (2). At first, this luxury met on government cars and machines heads of special services.


Initially, this type of antenna used for applications in the network communications for confidential kriptozaschischennoy special services and higher authorities. Over time, and migrated to the cars of civilians, including taxi drivers (in Russia there are many).
Plus, such an antenna is that it has a circular radiation pattern in the horizontal plane - can communicate with a "subscriber" using the mobile station, regardless of the location of the vehicle. In civilian cars can be used as GSM-3G-antenna, which improves the quality of communication and mobile Internet from conventional 3G-modem. Price - from 300 hryvnia.


Occasionally it can be found in vehicles of this kind "plates." Such antennas are used for radio monitoring and radio monitoring - detection, direction finding and analysis of radio signals, it is necessary to ensure public and national security, as well as monitoring of frequency allocations at the state level.

Finders often hidden under the roof boxes. So do not be surprised to see a huge SUV and / or strange-looking van with boxes on the roof. This does not mean that his "owner" little luggage. Maybe there is a direction finder. Or all the equipment rack is always packed ...


All I hear, all I see

In summary, it remains to add that the above special communication device can not only block the bombs, but also eavesdrop on anyone and, of course, to turn off the signals. Also anyone. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will no longer wonder that the "buckets" and "hedgehogs" stand on the roofs of expensive cars. Of course, we considered only a small part of the existing special communication means, but this picture of the car from the protection of the US president made it clear that the antenna on the roof of the car hides a whole bunch of equipment, the existence of which we can not be aware.

In conclusion I would like to introduce another amendment. Not always the presence of any of the attributes of SCS said that it really is in a particular car. The Internet is full of proposals for the sale of decoys, which, incidentally, is also sometimes found in expensive cars with allegedly "complicated" by the owners. In Russia lacks oldtimers establishing pseudo-shroud on the vase.

Slowly pushing these "toys" in Ukraine. And there are questions ...

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