As we washed down the door to the cottage

All lay out the building of houses, and I will lay out the production of a metal door at home.
In general, almost built a small house at the time, while there will be demolition of the old farmhouse and built a new one. The question came up to the door. First, they wanted to put a wooden, but changed their minds since House is a walk, and with it the door will go to the box and starts skewed: there podtesat, there podstuchat, but it is not our method.
Let's go watch the metal doors. The budget to 20k did not find anything good: metal 1, 5mm as a foil, a box is the same, there is no insulation. The apartment can and will this door, but as the street door to the house - niachom ...
Or do gash? - I suggested. Yes nivapros! - Answer test.
No sooner said than done. Scratched on the bottom of the barrel, in the backyard, but there SNM êàî found metal profiles: the thickness of 4.2mm for the box to frame paintings - 3mm, and rushed ...

Will be 16 photos

To frame box welds porch ...

Here's a gizmo dug and sawed. It will be attached to the foundation, and it is already located on the box.

Bolts are screwed into the timber, by three pieces on each side. Then it is welded to the box.

Put the box.

They hung on the door hinges, sheathed with plywood, painted box and the ends of the door.

Huddled inside the mineral wool and sheathed the inside lining. (internal walls will be filled with clapboard)

Embedded lock.



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