How trimmed 300-year-old yews

The largest and oldest is thought a park of yew in the UK each year is given in the appropriate type. When it is transported to the cutting tons of leaves and wood, and the work itself takes usually a week. Tees - a valuable park tree, from which in XVII-XIX centuries were created French mazes and planted in parks. It is considered an eternal tree. There are instances that have lived for over 4000 years.
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2. Tisza located next to the aristocratic manor Kotsvulds in Cirencester. Sustaining this semicircular planting yew trees annually spent about 6000 pounds per year.

3. For most people, trimming hedges is dust-free operation and does not take a lot of time as a rule. But in order to put in order the 300-year-old, 12-meter effort needed yews two adult men for a whole week. Locals believe that the yew was planted around 1710.

4. This garden planting yew, has 12 meters in height, 4, 5 meters wide and 150 meters long it is the largest of its kind in the country. Tees, dubbed "Mr. Vathorst" can be seen from all corners of the city of Cirencester. Two gardeners spend a whole week to trimming a the yews.

During the pruning cut off the top growth, resulting in nearly a ton of scrap yew tree, which then are used to produce medicines. Trim sold to pharmaceutical companies who use yew extract as a key ingredient docetaxel, a chemotherapy drug used to treat diseases of the breast, ovarian and lung cancer.

6. Property since 1695 owned by the family Apsley, which at 14,500 acres adjoining the property involved in the cultivation of crops.



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