Long summer dresses / photo 2014

Long summer dress - a special category of clothing. This is exactly the kind of thing that has a secret meaning for women. Do not accuse me of materialism, I just truly believe that long dresses bear the imprint of magic.

To some it may seem like a long summer dresses for the upcoming season one "face". Designers threw back all the excess, leaving only the woman and her dress. Pure color, simple shapes, smooth lines, a minimum of parts. I would say on the podium law reigned three "T": the body, the tissue tone.

Ease of images is achieved at the expense of the shoe. Increasingly, designers offer to wear with a maxi length dresses shoes without a heel, modest, without unnecessary details. This makes it look easy and soaring. So we should not routinely wear a maxi length with a heel. From this image becomes statuary.

Chiffon everywhere: solid, with prints, embroidery, pleated. Designers have decided that it is never too much, it weightless, enveloping, as haze. Transparency does not scare, the combination of several layers of tissue (and not necessarily of the same color) makes long summer dresses of chiffon absolutely acceptable in everyday life. More elegance does not harm anyone, and chiffon - a synonym for elegance in fashion from the era of ART nouveau.

Lace - the undisputed leader of pret-a-porte for the third season in a row. Lace summer dress not catching me sad. Out of these garments bombast, huge, oppressive past. All attention is focused on relief paintings, the color of the dress. The rest of the form - the maximum simplicity and earthiness.

Simply and succinctly identified asymmetrical trend: one shoulder, one long slit to the thigh.

Many dresses with thin straps in "linen" style.

As simple and up-emphasis used lace yoke.

Innovation became thin leather summer dresses. Strictly, stylish, think, become a classic.

Print! Print! Print! Here without comment. Summer can not be without this dress. Very pleased at the D & G of chiffon and silk scarves. The eye does not withdraw, but not dazzled. They like women, such beauty created)

Many summer dresses on the catwalk was a dangerous length to mid-calf ... Few she goes, although some bows are very interesting.

And finally, fascinating shiny dress on the floor.


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