It is disgusting when all do not care ...

Hello everybody! YaPovtsy - need your help. The situation is as follows: August 16, 13 at Vnukovo, about 19 hours, next to the terminal 12A, someone from departing on a chair left fotik Sony TX 10 blue cheholchik.

Decided not to go past the situation, because to know yourself - how disappointing to lose the memory of the holiday and the technique is also a pity, I will not hide! Futile attempts to contact the call center and the airport Office forgotten things - did not lead to positive results. 40minut tried to call and find the owner - to no avail. To get through to the consultant, described the current situation. I was assured that send employees that I could pass the camera. But I did not wait !!! Three times I called back and asked for help. As luck would have it, there was next to no protection, no cleaners - for that would simply pass the find. Before you fly, I tried to negotiate with the girls (the ones that tear the roots from the ticket). But on the interval the employee refused to accept the discovery, saying that I should return everything in place, or to go and pass the camera Bureau of forgotten things. Leave the camera in place - not an option, because the confidence in the honesty of people severely damaged. Prior to the lost and found - really did not have time ...
Finally convinced that all spit all decided to try to find people who have lost their "Sonya" yourself! Therefore, the photo spread, suddenly users of the resource - will be able to learn on the frames of their friends or acquaintances !!! Mostly young family on the frame. 4 people, mom, dad and kids (boy and girl). Boy - judging by the pictures, already 16, t. To have a photo of the passport, but unfortunately can not see the names. The picture shows that the passport was issued in the Republic of Sakha Yakutia. The memory card also contains footage from the day of birth, children's camp + graduation from school. Spread 9 Picchu.
Please help and did not pass. Together, we can make our country - it is better !!! Found on the frames of people knocking and asking personal contacts and throw them.

I sincerely hope that the camera finds its owner!
Bloch 20.08.2013g.

3 Picchu

Picchu 4

5 Picchu

6 Picchu

7 Picchu

Picchu 8 (I think the place where they often walk or live)



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