25 people who do not care

There are times when a person is so passionate about his work that he was simply not up to what is happening around. And sometimes - melancholy reaches the extreme limit, and do not want anything to respond. < Website says: Whatever the reason, these two dozens of people clearly do not care for any cataclysm!

1. Fire? I beg of you, it is not even on my couch half. H3>

2. You can then go quiet? I'm trying to read the newspaper. H3>

3. The main thing that all the heat. H3>

4. Special operation? Oh, you think of it. H3>

5. Waiter, iced tea, please. H3>

6. A beautiful day for outdoor activities. H3>

7. Do not panic, just a smoke break. H3>

8. Another guy who confirms the thesis above. H3>

9. This rebel. H3>

10. Equanimity transcendent level. H3>

11. When a person is really an introvert. H3>

12. And the title of "Miss do not care" takes this very keen on his phone guy. H3>

13. While these cleaners dozhdeshsya easier to do everything. H3>

14. Why are you wearing those? H3>

15. Steel guy. H3>

16. Tornado? Pfff ... enough scale to get out of sunbeds. H3>

17. They just want the crabs. I do not care about the weather. H3>

18. The boundary of the United States and Canada. The guy just goes from one country to another on a bicycle. H3>

19. Someone like midway. H3>

20. Pipes burst? But who cares at all? H3>

21. Flooding - not a reason to deny yourself your favorite beer in the bottle. H3>

22. Metro - a great place to Lucko cut. H3>

23. Now I finish the game and loans home. H3>

24. He opened all the chakras, why strain. H3>

25. Relax right on the beach. H3>

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