And let's live separately

I need every time I write about the Russian aggression against my country, to clarify that I am not referring to those 20% who all do not care, not the 9% who believe that the events in the Crimea and pressure on Ukraine - a shame for Russia, only 71% of Toto, who according to VTsIOM supports Putin, Russia's aggression and annexation of the Crimea.
May I once and for all time will tell?
Russia I was not a foreign country. My relatives are in the Russian land. One of my grandfather came to the Brandenburg Gate, then lived and died in Moscow. Grandfather second in those same years, designed and built Nizhny Tagil Plant, and then returned to Ukraine. I have many friends in Russia, relatives, whom I truly love living there.
It hurts me to watch how the country has changed, which I once thought was his. As the germ of democracy '90s and early 2000s grew dictatorship. And this dictatorship supports a lot of the people I once respected. Moreover, it provides three-quarters of the population of Russia - ordinary Russian citizens, who believe that humiliating neighbors, you can get up from his knees.
I can somehow relate to your government, I can point to his mistakes, I can reproach his last words, but my country - let not the rich and wise in the world - no one else attacked, no one did not defraud, anyone He brought no evil. What it happened and is happening in our - our own business. We do understand with whom to be friends and that we have to build themselves. What we do not want to create at something like today's Russia is not a reason to annex part of our territory. What we want to be part of the world, and not part of the Russian Federation, is not a reason to have on our economic pressures. What we overthrew our former president, this thief and a scoundrel, while when you pestuete its collector of land, of course you (concretize - 71 ‰ VTsIOM and 20% of those who do not care) is not clear, but it was our bastard and ourselves We deal with it.
Do you like yours? And beautiful. Applaud him to full orgasm, but it is not necessary to give us advice.
71 20%, we have fascism! Your smart 9% know about it. Your president needed a pretext for a small victorious war that you (71 + 20) is supported, which is proud of his propagandony excuse invented. Crimea will now be a military base - that this is the dream of its population. How can you write Patriots - a great event. Americans do not stand in Sevastopol - your radar proudly looking toward Turkey. 9% understand, for what a fuss, but 71 +20 talk about the genocide of Russian in Crimea remember about Kosovo and talk about how terrible Ukrainian Nazis. I look at Yatsenyuk, remember the name of my grandmother Klitschko, grandparents and relatives Poroshenko Tymoshenko and reproachful shake my head. This is necessary - the whole country believes that the Crimea almost became "Bendery".
After 9% understand what was going on and be proud of lying, aggression and xenophobia of modern Russia - is very small. A 71 20% - it is almost the entire population of the country rather big. It is easy to generalize, is not it? But you can not assume people IMHO decent statistical error. See how the best 71 +20 poison Andrei Makarevich and you'll see what I mean. 9% in such conditions - it is a huge figure! Especially when they are styled "national traitors". I bow to you guys.
And the rest - will say:
Let us live separately, but peacefully. You - and proud on the fact that you are Russians - native spirituality and performers a great goal - to make everyone around to live like you and do not mumble! (That's me to 71 ± 20) And we will gradually build at their soulless and homosexual European future! Yes Yes! I know that we are fascists, asshole, anarchists, we have no dick does not work, but we still try, okay? And if it does not, then you can tell us what we were assholes and once again will dance Bull's bowed down by our own awareness of the insignificance of their backs. And if we succeed, then we are ready to invite you all to 100% (71 + 9 + 20) and NATO, with which you have cooperated more than we do, and in association with the EU, which you (71 +20) think a bunch of homosexuals and aggressors.
We should not interfere in one pile and separate our common history! Modern Russia, as well as modern Ukraine for 23 years. The Soviet Union, not to be the night will remember, sunk into oblivion. All the talk about who is who inherits ridiculous and meaningless. Putin is trying to revive the empire in its understanding. We are, to the best of, will to resist. So it should be - someone is trying to use, and someone does not want to obey.
And in conclusion.
His friends in Russia, I loved and love. For me, they - the people of Russia. Not all of them are in the 9%, with whom I shared a platform. There are those who come in VTsIOMovskie 71%.
I respect their choice, but I will try to show them the error of their views.
All. More I will not specify - 9%, and so understand. And the rest - do not understand and then explain.
The opinions of those who do not respect me and the opinion of the people I do not respect - the weather does.
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