20 things you need to just let go

Imagine that you are flying in a balloon. The basket just you and your luggage. Then something went wrong, you started to lose altitude rapidly. You suffer wreck in less than ten minutes, if you do not come up with that delat.Edinstvennoe decision in this situation - to lose your belongings, at least half. Or things, or you. You look at them and hesitate a few seconds. But in the end decide to start throwing and that saved their entire life. The ball becomes much easier, you stop losing height. Throw another - and the ball rushes skyward. You are free!

It happens every day with all of us in less dramatic circumstances. We cling to things and thoughts that are hoarded for years and simply do not notice how they hang on us a load, making it difficult to move forward.

Website lists the things that we need to let go, to rush up again:

1. Affection h3> According to Buddhist philosophy, affection - this is one of the causes of suffering. We have a habit attached to everything that happened in our life, including the fact that much keeps us on the spot: unnecessary things, bored places, pointless actions, bad people. Ask yourself, you are attached to something out of it? Fold!

2. Blame h3> There is absolutely no fault functions. What will be different from what you feel guilty? Nothing. It just keeps you in a state of grief and self-reproach.

3. Negative thinking h3> pessimistic and negative thoughts guide our actions on this wave. It's quite a dangerous path. Know that thoughts influence the world around us. Suffice it to think.

4. Self-criticism h3> This is often the most sensitive spot. Initially, we criticize ourselves the best of intentions to change and become better, but sometimes we pass all bounds, and the criticism turns against us, making us worse. Let her go and be kind and gentle to yourself.

5. Prejudice h3> Prejudices hinder us. This limits our ability and prevents the fulfillment of our desires. We must get rid of them.

6. Impose obligations h3> You continue to do something without any apparent reason, simply because you feel that you have to do it? It's time to think honestly, why you need it. You do not owe anything to anybody.

7. The need for approval h3> We often think whether our actions are approved by the public? It does not reveal our desires to the fullest. Do not listen to others, listen to yourself.

8. These limits h3> Most of the boundaries we set ourselves. But in life there are no limits. They exist only in our minds. Go beyond.

9. Discontent h3> Let me explain: everything, absolutely everything discontent affect our health. Science has long proven that such emotions as anger, associated with heart disease.

10. Habit of putting off everything for tomorrow h3> In the subconscious of each of us is a little saboteur, who is trying to prevent us to perform important tasks. When you have something you want to put off until tomorrow, or simply too lazy to do, think about its existence, and it will make you consciously focus on matters.

11. Disturbing thoughts h3> They are born from our fear and uncertainty about the future. The thought of what might happen something unpleasant, is a far-fetched idea that we have created ourselves. Ask yourself: "It has real evidence?" If not, then do not need to exhaust yourself.

12. His former h3> Love is not easy to survive the crash, and often depressed after it lasts for a long time. Your heart is locked, your brain thinks about only one. In fact, you do not suffer from the loss, and the thought of losing.

13. Bad memories h3> Bad memories again and make you relive those moments of melancholy and unpleasant story that happens to you. Keep them there, where they belong - in the past.

14. Useless things h3> We often hoard all kinds of stuff that clutters our room or lying in the closet - and suddenly come in handy. Get rid of it, make the atmosphere in your home or office more relaxed and harmonious.

15. Bad Company h3> If among your surroundings have insincere, jealous or manipulative people you - stay away from them.

16. His role h3> This is a very common mistake we see ourselves as we are accustomed to perceive the environment throughout our lives. This limits our actions in the present and plan for the future, because we are stuck in a certain way. You may be one person in the past and is now completely different.

17. Identification with the profession h3> This is one of the consequences of modern business life: as soon as we choose a profession, we have to get used to its full capacity. But we must remember that it is just a role.

18. The accepted patterns of behavior h3> There are popular activities or behaviors that are imposed on us in a particular society. And we follow them, despite the fact that it does not interest us: from the view of the popular transmission and ending with the fashion for anorexia. Do not follow the crowd, be unique.

19. The perception of all things close to my heart h3> Very often, we are too sensitive to events in the lives of others. We worry and suffer as if they have experienced personally. Look at things from a more distant perspective, and life will be easier and more objective point of view and a more balanced state, focusing on their priorities.

20. Time h3> Time - one of the main causes of emotional stress. We are enslaved by the concept of time, even in moments of relaxation. This idea captures our true freedom and our space. We must remember that not really the time itself, but our perception of time.

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