Here's a little story from my childhood.

At the beginning of the 90s, has just started to appear, more or less all video magnitafon (I was then 10 years old). And finally, and in our family there was this miracle of technology! My parents were friends visited each other's homes, combined somehow 2 Vidic and copied various tapes (such as the right now on blue-tusu throws).

Dk then one a day we are cousins, noticed that not entirely rewritten (to say the least) an ordinary film. And determined to check out on any of his! But as we tried to find this new, cherished cassette in my home, we have not been able to. If it were not the case!

One day, as usual reluctantly, but is forced to, I began to help my mom put things in order in the apartment, and the corner of his eye happened to notice that the inside of the couch shoe box is a video tape !!! Naturally I said nothing, but as soon as the next day ancestors piled on the work, we bratuha and another couple of friends (stroll school) looked at what was there ... it was PIZDETS !!!

While we see the 10-13 year old kid porn - this is now probably see how inoplonetyane telekinetically forced to suck the American President - well, the president of Russia and Kazakhstan yet! In short super-impressed! But is not the point.

Looking - ohrenev seen by friends piled up, and I put the cassette in place where it was. But just a day later, Dad asked me:
 - And you did not take anything from the sofa?
- ???? I do not ... - realizing that I probably fell ... but there were no more questions ...

Naturally, by the time absent from lessons and go to visit me "drink tea" like all the boys to the yard, who learned about vidyuhi! But I do not ochkovat since afraid of getting pindyuley from Pops! While the desire was already a pizhdets!

And here is my korefanchik Nikita says to me:

- "And I know how your Dad knew that we watched the tape!»

 - "AS ????????" I say.

 - "It is easy to remember the place where the finished look, and we look not back film back!»

Genius !!! Brilliant shit! I thought at the time! But really, how Dad could guess differently? On the VCR, give the number of time watching the tape! As I had not guessed ??? But ...
But alas, the tape in the same place was not ... and friendly, stroll lessons patsanyachya company oblamalsya the day .... (((

But a few days later (again with the filing of another Nikitos) I began an active search for the coveted film in the flat, because in his words, "Not as your ancestors might just throw it ?!»
And so! So I found her! The same tape, but this time under the sheets ... not a ton of sheets in the closet of the room parent! .. Joy nebylo edge!
The next day at school, all those who were already mentally in the subject were at my house! .. And I thought of only one thing ... but the parents did not fall ...
And the days have gone for the day view "sheet from the German producers'! Well, not every day of course, 2 times a week about. I diligently rewind the tape to the same place from which to start watching a movie ... the way this place has not changed in the past month, but it seemed to me that if I do not make anything, so I'm doing something right!

But ... in a "beautiful" day my dad (we were traveling by car from the city 150km) again asks me a strange question ...

 - "Son ... you do not accidentally took the tape out of our mom cabinet?

 - "No ........»

 - "Yes? .. And then I thought I would have to tell you why people sometimes act as lead»

 - "How are ??»

 - "Well, if only you watched it, said BU»

 - "Nah, I do not open your closet with her mother, why should I?»

 - "I know that ... I opened the hairs between the door wings pasted, and when he returned hairs was not opened ...?

 - "Nooo some tape, some hairs ????»

 - "Well, I just wanted to explain .....»

Then silence ... I realized that I had fallen again, but admitted it was somehow not on itself, dumb ...
After this conversation, I really saw where there was this fucking hairs, and after the next session rewind the tape back, put it in the same place and pasted the same hairs in the same place ... but as time passed and there was still a couple of interesting magazines, and as soon as I Friends pleased that opens the new season ... the tape disappeared ...

I will not drag out the story to tell in brief. After 2 weeks, there were only one kassetki (not without the help Druganov), that which is already 100 times preresmatrivali, she lay on the cabinet in the hall.
I got it the first time I saw it all in the dust and there are traces of my fingers))) knowing his batyu I checked all the hairs lying around, rewind it to the initial place of view, and not to leave fingerprints ... WARNING !!! I took the dust from vacuum cleaners and showered her top drawer !!! Then I put it exactly as she lay ...

Many years have passed since then. And in a conversation with his father, I confessed to everything, and he in turn admitted that he knew from the beginning of everything, and at that time was just waiting, when I myself'll tell him and inquire about what's on Video fuck ??? it is happening, and I did not do this ...

And now I am a father of two malyavok and I understand that with modern technology is nothing other than our beloved wife to communicate with them, and explanations will not protect them from the fact that at my age it was an absolute taboo! Explain, teach, speak with your children!

Communicate with children be for them the closest! And they will answer you the same!

Thank you!



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