One day in a German hospital ...

Of course, this post is not conceived in advance.
And it just so happened that the thought of him came when he was in hospital. I think all the same a certain part of the population will be interested to learn how to feed in German hospitals.

I will try to briefly with a couple of photos to tell you about it.
Certainly better not get to the hospital and I wish you only the health.

Getting her start in the event that it is planned, with the front desk if you brought an ambulance, then emergency room.
I will not treat emergency cases, where everything is clear.
If you are planning to put assume survey is usually notify you by letter which states how many and how much you are waiting at the hospital.
Upon arrival at the appointed time, you shall be notified in the emergency department medical staff, that you have come.
Then you fill out a bunch of papers and appropriate bar code on your entire document. Subsequently, the bar code will have a paper bracelet on his arm and a variety of labels to be pasted on various tests that you will be taking.
After that you take to the police and you znakometes with the House.

Then you visit a catering assistant, who discusses with you the menu.
You can discuss with him your preference, you're used to eat for breakfast or dinner, a drink: a tea, coffee, etc.
The dining menu is usually soup, three main courses, dessert. All of them are labeled A, B and C. For example vegetarian menu, if there is a * must be no pork on religious preferences, C is suitable for diabetics.
Menu painted a week. You just put a tick, what you want the dish in a particular day.

Also very select what you want to eat for breakfast and dinner.

It is usually a bun (three kinds), butter or margarine, sausages, pate, ham, yogurt, yogurt, eggs, cheese, a variety of jams. You just specify the remains and how much.



All completed forms are entered into a computer. Who later in the catering department issuing the job, it takes into account your wishes.
Lunch arrives at an office in the special racks with trays, which are plate-thermoses.
Each tray has a paper liner, which says that for a patient is eating.
Between lunch and dinner, there is a short snack)

Always you can dial in the department of fresh water in special saturators, without gas or slightly carbonated.

If you prepare for surgery or have the postoperative period, it is natural food limited.

Your stay at the hospital fully paid health insurance.
You only pay an additional 10 euros per day out of pocket.

I must say that in German hospitals is not accepted patients to bring food from home, although a variety of fruit, candy you no ban.
Even more important detail. You have the right not to feel pain, and you do everything that you did not feel it. At discharge you even offer to fill in the card do you think there has been effective boleterapiya.
The state health insurance paid 14, 9 per cent of the salary:
7.9 percent of them pays the worker, the employer pays 7 percent.
The insurance is valid for the whole family. Each family is different costs

Be healthy and not get sick! Ovimu.

I apologize for the quality of photos taken with a smartphone.



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