5 reasons to visit Belarus

Get to Belarus is very simple. For example, chygunke. Is the name of the railroad and it was my first discovery of Belarusian language. The train goes all night. And a nice bonus: Due to the time difference, arriving an hour earlier. My journey was long enough and went not with bag. Fortunately, pre-ordered the taxi driver took me straight with a suitcase out of the car. For which many thanks to him.
The first reason for which there is a view of Belarus is the lack of traffic jams. Yes, it turns out it happens. And after Moscow me it's great impressed.

As good roads. The other day on social networks, met with the image of our photo and Belarusian roads labeled & quot; Belarusians have a dad, and we march, orphans & quot ;. In point.
In the photo 21 hours. The city center.

~ 60 photos

The second reason-it's gorgeous lighting of buildings in Minsk.

Houses, organizatsii- all lights are very beautiful lights. And, despite the fact that in almost no ancient architecture (during the war, 90 percent were destroyed), you are like a fairy tale.

The city basically Stalinist buildings, but there are modern houses here with such beautiful national motifs.

There skyscrapers, but not in such an amount terrible as in Moscow.

For a shopping center in Nyamiha very good Brasserie & quot; Rakowski Brewery & quot ;. Like our Tinkova. There are national cuisine and beer of its own production.

Perhaps the most beautiful corner of Minsk is the Trinity Suburb.

Against which the island of tears with a monument to soldiers in Afghanistan. Around the monument figure grieving women symbolize Belarusian mothers weeping for their sons. In the hands of mothers icons, portraits. Also in the monument with the names of the fallen capsule, and an appeal to the descendants.

Returned there during the day and going inside the block.

Church near the government building.

And on the square in front of the Government of underground shopping mall (a hair's breadth, as we have to manezhke)

In Minsk scattered sculptures local Tsereteli.

Minsk is preparing for the championship hockey.

The coin will be guided in the city on the navigator, but he failed. It did not have the right cards. It turned out that was lost. And while still not scared, and a little ironically alarmed, took advantage available to me with a paper map of Minsk, which I, like any woman, in the absence of the brain to twist the map in mind, stood and turns in all directions, trying to figure out where I am .
But, in a sense of caring about such misguided strannikah- there's such tourist poles.

Most of all I liked the building of the National Library, resembling fireworks.

Every few seconds, the color of the building changes.

City-center street Nyamiha. On behalf of the river, which is now as our Neglinka, closed in the reservoir.

Metro station Nemiga. In memory of the 53 who died in 1999, fleeing from the rain, boys and girls ...

The metro is full of advertising. People a little smaller than ours. But, in the subway turnstile pinched me. Followed behind me, I had the townspeople filed badge.
The cost of travel in the metro 2500 rubles. It is about 8 of our rubles.

In public transport, as protection against fraud, hang a sample of special vests controllers. Directions much cheaper Moscow. Tickets are sold in kiosks. Riding the bus because of the city and paid the driver. about 20 of our rubles. In the cockpit a little cash register and the driver instead of the ticket issued check.

Gamers in Minsk expanse is, where do sports.

The third reason-permanence. The city did not change the names of the streets.

The fourth reason is, of course, locks Belarus! And, although I do not like intimate conversations with ghosts, went to see them, what did not regret.
Peace and Shults.
The guide told a lot of historical facts, but unfortunately, my memory throws them out, leaving only the impression, with which you and share.
The village is located in the World Grodno region

Here, in the World, Polish and Belarusian poet Lidvik Kondratovich wrote a poem & quot; When I served in the post Coachman & quot ;. Originally it was called & quot; Postman & quot ;. Isotra postman happened in the world. Postman in love with a local girl. And somehow drove take back the letter, and along the way he found a terrible blizzard. The girl, fearing for him, went to meet. Postman lost, but occasionally heard his name called, but the thought that just the wind howls. As a result, after a while he found a corpse in the snow of his girlfriend, so it is not found. Remember this song?

Mir Castle Radzivillov- is the most powerful strengthening those vremen.16 century.
Castle did not immediately became a museum. After the Second World War in the castle until 1962 lived ordinary people. Then the castle became an international youth center-hotel.

Located in an artificial pond. Previously on the site of the pond was an apple orchard, but the first owner of the castle Nicholas Mir ordered knock him out, and in its place to make a pond. During the term of the death of one of the lumberjacks. After that, his mother cursed Nicholas. From this point in the pond every year to this day someone is drowning. Drowned in it, and Nicholas himself.

On the other side of the park

Courtyard of the castle

There are various holidays, festivals, jousting tournaments.

The castle was self-sufficient and provide water. In the center of the courtyard well

Come on inside.

Multifunctional drum. during military campaigns, it also cooked porridge.

Bon appetit)

Library owner of the castle, from which, unfortunately, there was only a small part. In 40 years, children are people in the world have used the books in school, as writing paper to write between the lines.

Facilities for the ball. Now you can hold a wedding ceremony.

During the war in one part of the castle housed the ghetto for Jews and now there is an appropriate museum

And later in the dungeon of the castle. Where in the dark on a narrow, low-ceilinged ladder, of course, found a place to strike.

And in the dungeon was a prison

One of the owners of castles in the world and Nesvizha- Michael Casimir Radziwill, nicknamed Rybonka. A nickname he got it because he was very lyubviobilen, but the names of their passions and not remember all called Rybonka.

One of the princes hunted in these places. But, all the booty could not carry out and killed the bear returned later. Bear was not fresh. and there was a name city- Shults.

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