Set of cartridges for my printer

Liquid Gold

Set of cartridges for my printer is 1600 rubles. For the money I get four plastic boxes with mikroshemka and 30-40 grams of paint each. I did a book of 300 pages can not print as black cartridge lasts for 200-220 pages. And kopyatsya home empty boxes of unwanted mikroshemka, and for a new cartridge 400 rubles take out so positive.
One day, a year ago, I broke down and sent to hell producer, bought a system of continuous ink supply. During the year it took 23 packaging paper. Now consider: 23 × 500/200 × 400 = 23 000 rubles. Provided that the CISS with ink costs 2000 rubles, I saved 21 000.
Manufacturers! You do not oborzeli, eh? That's when you start to pour ink cartridges OK, then I'll come back to you again. And yet - the voice of the ruble. Against you.



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