So how do we understand each other?

The Germans have German. If they want to learn something, then do not go in a roundabout way, and act very rationally. And when we decided to get to the root of the problem
"Why men can not understand women" had an extremely simple and intuitive experience.
Scientists from the Ruhr University distributed group of male volunteers aged 18 to fifty years, three pairs of eyes pictures that display extremely simple emotional states: benevolence-neutrality-aggression. The age range of subjects - not prikopalis. And youth and experience. In the photo - three pairs of female eyes, and three men. Unnumbered where whose.
Processed results. And zakruchinilis. If the definition of emotion in the photo with a man's eye trouble almost was not, with women - full tryndets. Twice as likely than men indecipherable. Regardless of the age group of participants. During the experiment, it is MRI. And now for something and it determined the "culprit" hovering.
So, the whole thing in the amygdala. There is such a piece in the right hemisphere of the brain. He is responsible for the recognition of emotions. When processing the signal input during viewing female eyes, he sleeps. Stupidly fast asleep and does not give the definition.
Dear girls! We are not to blame! It turns out that despite the apparent similarity of the contents of the cranium, in us still initially pushed very different devices. Are simply unable to read and analyze such important characteristics. Just ripe for some sort of "unifier". But then so will speak with emotion about the mystery of a female eye and break the brain trying to figure this riddle.
Or maybe you do it on purpose?


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