We - first. And the next one

And yet, in some ways we are the first in the world. And with a good margin to stay. Based on the fact that the lead for four years and so very willing to compete not observed.
I will not weary. This is the sphere of taxation. Such quantity and quality of the taxes in Ukraine, there is nowhere else. But inevitably pokraschennya and tax climate for business is improving from year to year. By the way, and about the climate. According to a favorable business environment (there is such a rating) Uraine takes pride of 152, ahead of authoritative Bolivia and slightly below this titan of the economy, such as Liberia.
In total the same amount of taxes we are still no one can match. Even running in second place Romania has to its credit some pathetic 113 tax against our compelling 135. By the way, which is particularly pleasing from the full range of our taxes 108 consists of taxes on labor and another 5 - at a profit. Hence, labor is still good. There is obkladyvat. Jamaica hopelessly behind with his 72 looks absolutely ridiculous, but managed to get into the top three. The rest do not talk sense. Pathetic losers.
And glad that our entrepreneurs - the most conscious of the world. They voluntarily give the state 55, 5% of its revenue, of which 43, 3% - directly to work.
Slightly spoils the overall picture of well-being that on the ease of paying taxes, we still lag behind the palm - 181 out of 183. But I think this mistake is easily eliminated. And soon we will take its rightful place leading us.


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