Every time there is a desire to say a couple of warm words about our roads, internal censor wakes and begins to itch something like, "Well gallop Mona? nerds. " Answer once again - "gallop Nun." Because the position, if changed, it is extremely long. And not always for the better.
That would not only cut in the pavement of large molds for baking sweets, randomly scattered throughout Kiev. Although they are not always comfortable to go around. Of course, looks fresh and fun, makes a variety of the monotony of traffic, but want to have some new ideas and more traditional (in terms of repair) solutions. That eats repaired should look at least repaired and not made for beginners fotoshoperom with crooked hands.
But this is only part of dostavuchy issue. Tip of the iceberg. And his invisible part of a week made two serious holes below the waterline Kiev Railways. Last week - for those who like it hot on the corner of Lavra m Staronavodnytska. Today utrechka - for walruses. Near the University of tourism on the street Zhmachenko. And diving into the hole Hyundai Grandeur. Thank God, no people on board.
If you recall last year's excesses and Teligi Barbusse (and why would they remember?), Somehow does become uncomfortable.
Drowned in the hole 4 * 3 * 2 Hyundai 38 to 41 seconds


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