Not designed for two days - I think not perish

Yesterday met with the familiar. Not seen for many years, she was in Odessa, I - in Kiev. So, sometimes called up.
Two and a half months ago, on February 13, crashed charter flight Odessa, Donetsk. The AN-24 crashed during landing. Five people were killed. Among them was her uncle. For her, it was, in fact, a second father. His family, like the families of other victims, received compensation from the state in the amount of one hundred thousand hryvnia. But with insurance from the carrier - not grown together.
The insurance has been provided for the payment of 190 thousand dollars. In case of timely registration of all documents. Including the application within two days after the death. But with this, it never happened. I do not know who prescribed this brand Savage item, but not before it turned to his family during these two days. And, by and large, one of us is so much corrosive poring over insurance for the flight for the last time as well? And how the submission of an application in three days abolishes the death?
But the point is, the carrier keeps him very tenacious. In any case, the words of Svetlana - is practically a dead room. Backstage it enlightened competent people that the company easier to liquidate and then opened again, than to pay nearly a million dollars compensation. For all that, it is simply to operate its fleet in a good impossible. Fallen AN flown since 1973. The rest - the same age.
What we often try to heat up at the signing of various documents - from mortgages and insurance to normal, in which the most important things are written in small print on the last page, we have, in principle, know. But so ...
The people who read the document very carefully. And warns the relatives. Fuck knows how life will turn.


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