Michel Lotito of Grenoble, France, to eat, sorry, metal and glass since 1959. Gastroenterologists were shocked by his abilities - grandfather could umyat to kilograms of metal per day, did not even wince. At home, his nickname was Monsieur Mangetout, then et Mr. Em All. According to Michel, from bananas and boiled eggs it puchilo it, so in 1966 he ate 18 motorcycles, 15 trucks from the supermarket, 7 televisions, six chandeliers, two beds, skiing, low-calorie Cessna small plane and a computer. In addition, this person is able to do so, that a coffin with handles, and all of the options was inside a person (ate it piece by piece) and not vice versa, as it usually happens. In October 1997 the total weight of metal eaten up to 9 tons. (Hard will introduce what he was sorry, toilet :)))


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