The hot breath of the Day of Baptism

In Kiev, felt the hot breath of the upcoming celebration. By special fussiness administration zeal for management traffic police. Overlap warn. Do not drive, they say, to the station and center. As far as possible. And why, actually, I have to limit myself in their movements? Because it is expected to arrive as much as four presidents and the Patriarch himself in an armored car? So what? They have something to me (and most of the residents of the capital) and the navel is not rested. With regards to security measures - complete garbage. Oh, what history teaches us, it's the fact that if they want to fill up - to overwhelm anyone. And it turns out, again showing off the solid and the fear of "provocations".
My God, what are they terribly frightened. Honestly, for the first time in my life I felt really sorry for them all. If so afraid - as in FIG kind of life do I need.
Okay, survive, and these two days. All believers - a great holiday. Day something really meaningful. Not only for the Orthodox. For the whole Christian world. And for Muslims. Well as if Russia would accept Islam?


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