Day of the great admin

So today is a bright and festive day, the day fighter invisible front, because there are of the opinion that a good admin - admin imperceptible. Special thanks to Ted Kekatosu (Ted Kekatos), which in July 1999 dawned: "A cheyto? Sysadmin - there. A holiday - no? That is wrong! "Since then, and has become a tradition to celebrate this day on the last Friday of July. What is right and doubly pleased, because what else day of the week to celebrate this event, but in the long-awaited and coveted Friday.
And although in 2006 introduced also the "World Information Society Day", which is the date of the celebration of May 17 (May 17 what? In honor of what? I also found a day), we all know that it is full of profanity and a departure from tradition. Say evil machinations lamer the weighty "no" and once again congratulate the sorcerers and shamans server system units with their legal afternoon. All the tambourine!


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