Washing of roads in April day

Mr. President is preparing for the visit to Nikolaev. Nikolaev, for its part, is preparing for the visit of Viktor Yanukovych. Nikolaev washed streets, ready to disburse present at the meeting with the head of ordinary citizens (in the past coming students pay fifty hryvnia). Than ready to respond to such a gesture head of state - is unknown. Some of the most impressionable Nikolaev even expressed in the sense that, say, a frequent president to them. Should not have. And then the city from the previous visit has not really moved. Can not sustain. Recalls with a shudder traffic jams (yeah, you yeah Come to Kiev at the right time to try to squeeze Hrushevskoho)
Well, it is. Emotions. But that's what I will explain, why wash the road? Or, if you wash, it really all over the city. And then it turns out weird. Okay, to his subjects Nikolaev vassals do not feed special reverence. This is not news. But they do that, and consider themselves to be complete by shit? He also these streets also like to travel as necessary. Sultan-day stay so that sail to distant lands, and they again this dermische fidgets.
While it may be right some officials. There must be some respect, reverence and subordination. Perhaps even the state of the corresponding can be extended. There are good job - "tselovateli exhaust pipe machine distinguished guest", "lizateli carpet on which walks the honored guest." And immediately clear - a respected man in the town granted.


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