Know your Enemy face

Present an original gift for a reasonable price - it is not easy. Correspondingly, in this segment particularly encouraged creativity. Well, if the gift will be also practical benefits - so it's all three in one.
Here we are constantly calling for - to be protected, obstruct the path of infection. If sexual intercourse - a condom. Colds or flu - bandage. Against dysentery and other intestinal parasites - boil. Well, and so on. But has anyone seen the enemy in the face, so to speak? That is, if you bump into this most causative agent of some terrible ailment, will be able to distinguish it from a beneficial microflora and fauna? That's just it. E. coli indistinguishable from angina, even in profile, at least from the front.
So, there is a happy opportunity to fill this gap in his knowledge of the world. Released a series of stuffed toys, depicting a variety of viruses and bacteria.
The toy is worth nothing at all - six euros and is enlarged a million times cute copy of the relevant pathogen. Each priatacheno detailed description of these abominations, and the possible consequences of dating her live.
So that the owners (and the toys are alive demand) are now people trained. He looked so closely with the squint - and you know, you can continue to communicate and it is necessary to bring down, and quickly.


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