Students, University of Bonn accidentally found a temple

During the sessions on archaeological work in March of this year, students in the courtyard of the University of Bonn institution was accidentally found the foundation of an ancient Roman temple, whose age, according to experts, is about 2000 years old.

Note that initially, archaeologists did not know what kind of structure, but as it turned out, this was the temple of 6, 75h7, 5 meters, made of wood or clay, he was completely, and there was only a wooden roof of the building. Also in this place, and archaeologists discovered fragments of 2800-year-old dishes.

Experts say that this discovery is interesting because up to this point, scientists did not know that the area in which the University of Bonn, was inhabited in the past.

To maintain the foundation is not planned, because it is in a very bad condition: the completion of the archaeological works buried it and maybe something will be built in its place.


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