For those who wash your hair every day ... All the pros and cons of daily treatments.

For some people daily shampooing , as well as a morning shower - a necessary component of the working day, without which they are not able to wake up and feel at 100. However, there is a perception that as part of the procedure leading to the weakening hair.

Even worse, some experts claim that daily bathing cause the sebaceous glands to work more actively, making the hair greasy within hours. So whether it is in fact, tell the doctor!

Can I wash my hair every day?

Wash as long as necessary
First of all, shampooing schedule everyone must choose for himself. Love the clean hair, so no dust - wash every day. Removes hair in her hair and do not feel the need for their impeccable cleanliness - wash every 3-4 days. Of course, there is no need, every day in the shower, hair on the hide of water, and wash them more frequently than they need, too, is not necessary.

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To daily, as well as less frequent shampooing, did not carry damage to the hair , you must carefully choose the shampoo. It must match the type of hair and be of good quality. Remember, with daily washing is not recommended to use a shampoo for oily hair. He is aggressive enough and can not be used more than twice a week. Washing the hair every day, be sure to use balms and masks - it protects the hair from external influences, nourish them throughout the length and neutralize the effect of hard water, causing dry hair. By the way, the water should be warm, close to cool.

Warm water stimulates the sebaceous glands, which is why hair dirty faster. A similar effect was observed when using a hot dryer.

Finally, with daily cleaning, apply shampoo gently and thoroughly washes out hair roots. Drier ends just enough to rinse.

Although specific recommendations about the frequency of shampooing doctors do not give, they agree that the daily water treatments are best suited to owners of oily hair. Normal hair type needs attention every 2-3 days.

A dry hair can be washed and changed every 5 days. Well, about a week's break in bathing, which was popular a few decades ago, it is better to forget!


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