A diet that is able to cure diabetes without insulin! Better treatment does not exist ...

Diabetes - a chronic disease that has reached epidemic proportions in our time. More than 400 million people worldwide suffer from diabetes at the moment. Ill terrible disease may even those who are not predisposed to such disruptions in the body ...

The reason is simple: too much sugar in various foods, even where he does not have to be present. Sugar gradually kills people, especially those who are not following the dose of its consumption. The ketchup, semi-finished products, yogurt, yeast, canned vegetables - the sugar present absolutely everywhere, even if the product unsweetened

. Before became widely used injections with insulin , recommended to treat diabetes with the help of this diet. < «Website» introduces you to the power-up for patients with diabetes to help avoid complications of the disease or even cure it! Furthermore, since the feed is useful for all of us - for the prevention of diabetes

Diet in diabetes
The fewer carbs - the better! < Treatment of diabetes , which was widely practiced before, consisted in maximum limit carbohydrate foods. In no case can not eat sweets, even those that "for diabetics", as well as cereals, potatoes, flour - all that contains simple and complex carbohydrates. You can have:. Meat, even fat, fish, poultry, eggs and seafood, cheese, butter, green vegetables, mushrooms

It should completely abandon the fruits. Any fruit juice, carrots, beets, corn, beans and peas, onions, tomatoes - all these fruits and vegetables contribute to spikes in blood sugar We need to remember that if you eat too much of any food, it's all the same. cause a jump in sugar! In diabetes, you can not overeat, you must eat small portions and mostly protein foods. It is necessary to regularly inspect the kidneys, because with such a diet, they will experience a load. This nutrition in diabetes to some may seem too strict, but it gives the effect! Many parents with the help of an ideal low-carb diet cured so small children, not wanting them to implanting insulin. The better you will eat, the better will be the result. Even those patients who use insulin and think that it's their cross to the end of days, can recover with the help of a strict diet.

It is important that all people have moved closer to a meal plan: their support is invaluable, and the patient will disappear tempted to break

. Even for a totally healthy person this diet is valuable: there is a complete recovery of the body. Detoxifies the liver, reduced weight, body wean from sugar and is transformed. You can occasionally pass to a food in order to prevent diabetes!

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