As the collapse of the USSR helped Cuba improve your health

After the collapse of the Union of Cuba almost came kapets. Liberty Island since the time of the coup January 1, 1959 was sitting on a thick needle subsidy. Since the end of 1991 the flow of humanitarian aid has stopped. Then came the real famine. Statistics meticulous people and then calculated that the average weight loss has received approximately five kilograms per capita. Convincing figure. Famine is not of course, but still.
And then it did not gasoline. Government thoughtful. And outstanding citizens for increased mobility million bicycles. That is, switched to mechanical traction.
And you know, as a set of adverse factors on the economy is very positive impact on the health of the nation as a whole. Not immediately, of course. This system is enough inertia. But somewhere in 4-5 years there has been a steady downward trend in cardiovascular disease and diabetes. For ten years, however, the country has managed to raise agriculture (question - why raise it at all over it? Tropical fucking three harvests per year!). There was, that is, and the people began to eat. And everything was back to normal. Diseases including.
The Cuban experience gentlemen interested physicians and scientists who dig deeper into details and gave him a brilliant conclusion - low-calorie diet (or malnutrition) with moderate weight loss is a very useful for the organism. Unexpected findings, to be sure. And if here to add the increased mobility (remember, bicycles) - ready recipe for the nation's health.
Somehow I think that Ukraine has decided to implement the Cuban model. Bend your fingers: the economy - in the ass. Gasoline - of course he is, but keep quiet about the quality. And be gasoline - will finish the road. And fuck you then train. Bicycles, of course, no one will give out. A correctly. On foot - he's even healthier. And we are much more healthy and much much longer, because agriculture is to raise - in FIG needed.


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