First to demonstrate that people use milk already 7000 years

The work of scientists provided the first clear evidence that even 7,000 years ago in the prehistoric Sahara people have already used for livestock production milk

According to the study of fatty acids that scientists from the University of Bristol allocated from unglazed ceramic products (their age is estimated at 7000 years) found in Libya during excavations in the cave of primitive people Wadi Ima, it was found that in this dish last undergoing treatment characteristic of dairy fat, reports Nature.
The researchers used biomarkers of lipids and carbon isotope analysis of nuclide analysis of fatty acids, which have been preserved in the structure of the ceramics and came to the conclusion that about 50% of the dishes in the past been used for the treatment of fat dairy origin.

Thus, the work of scientists provided the first clear evidence that even 7,000 years ago in the prehistoric Sahara people have already used for livestock production of milk.

According to scientists, about 10 thousand years ago the Sahara was a more humid and green place and was quite suitable for life. In those days the primitive hunter-gatherers were a semi-semi-nomadic lifestyle, but about 5-7 thousand years ago, this area has become more arid and they were forced to completely nomadic life. All this there is evidence - in caves and river mouths (former parking) scientists are discovering the bones of domesticated animals. The researchers also found and rock paintings, which depict various pets.

Now scientists know that for these people domesticated animals were very important, but until now clearly evidence that they used them not only for their meat, but milk was not.

According to one of the authors of earlier scholars were also aware of the importance of dairy products such as cheese, yogurt and milk in fact, to the Neolithic Europe, and the new discovery will allow specialists to better understand and learn what and how early humans ate, and this in turn will draw some conclusions about the history of migration and the development of early human societies.

Recall that milk - is a rich source of various vitamins and minerals, however, according to some researchers, the effect of cow's milk on human health is controversial. It is considered that the milk is rich in calcium, which is essential for bone growth and normal functioning of the human nervous system, although some believe that the calcium in milk is not greater than broccoli or kale. Also, according to the results of previous studies, cow's milk may be the cause of certain forms of cancer and cardiovascular and other diseases.

A few interesting facts about milk:
 - In many myths of gods and heroes of the famous milk feed animals. For example, Zeus was fed goat's milk Amalfi, and Romulus and Remus (founders of Rome) - milk wolf.
 - Goat milk, according to Avicenna (medieval scholar, philosopher and physician), maintains the health and mental clarity.
 - If the cow in the feed to add fruits, then milk this cow is tastefully these fruits
 - Many patients Hippocrates were healed of tuberculosis using goat milk
 - In 1899, the athlete Bernard Manfadden released magazine, which described the exercises with heavy objects, and in 1923 it published an article in which Manfadden fresh milk called "the elixir of power."


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