Physicists have created a substance is 250 thousand times hotter than the Sun.

Guinness World Records supplemented with a new achievement - "Highest temperature obtained by artificial means." This record belongs to the physicists at the Brookhaven National Laboratory, which managed to get the stuff, warmed to about 4 trillion degrees (250 000 times hotter than the Sun.).

The substance was obtained as a result of in the RHIC collider experiment in which scientists colliding nuclei of gold atoms. The purpose of this experiment was to obtain the quark-gluon matter (behaves as nearly perfect fluid), which is now scientists believe our universe was filled with the first microseconds of its occurrence (approximately 13, 7 billion years ago).

Quark-gluon plasma is obtained when the "melt" the protons and neutrons due to the extremely high temperatures that occur in collisions of heavy ions.


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