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I do not know how the accident has yet to happen to the fleet began to check the reality, not on paper. Because it is not something to go around, but just look at these lumbering hearses scary. Technical condition - even in boxing do not need to drive - can be seen and heard. But - saving. Bought mostly already second-hand machinery and used to complete wear.
Yesterday, the third of April at about half past seven in the evening, the bus en route to Moscow bridge towards Troeschina, refused braking system. The driver decided to slow down on the bump. In fact, he did it. When braking drifted back door, one man fell on the go. In general, the victims were five. Two - heavy. Thank God, do not fall into the Dnieper.
In good, fleet capital necessary to change the eighty percent that way. Unless set itself the aim of converting a trip around the city in extreme show.
It is clear that this is directly linked to the cost of travel. But can stop flirting with the electorate and still admit that "The Best Transport in Kievi Buti is possible only on a completely different price? There's still so much of such potentially "charged" in the city riding.
Caution - profanity. Emotions.


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