I do not want to feel Faroese

Never ceases to amaze us loved. I mean, homo sapiens'am. Well, about sapiens still have some doubts. But now a different story. Many publications devoted to the restoration of endangered species. Care, humanity should be our credo in dealing with wildlife, flora and fauna, and blah blah blah.
Or do not, huh? I'm talking about humanity. And somehow becomes scary. After all humanity - that is what makes a man, huh? A variety of representatives of this species. Well, some might fuss over health ferrets, hamsters and other domestic animals. Others resent the bloody cruelty of bullfighting. And the third - to engage in banal mass killings. Genocide. In another something and call these acts does not work.
Because dolphins - it's not just marine mammals. It's not just animals. It's almost people. Almost, because the best people.
And the Faroe Islands, for example, there is still a marvelous tradition. Festival of hunting dolphins. And a tradition long lost original - fishing - meaning. Kalderonskie Dolphins (Grinda) trust people and keep them away quietly to himself. This is used and mass killing. It's just some carnage. Bullfighting offended snorting in the corner. Although the process is almost the same - the animals are killed, sticking them in a lot of harpoons. And the dolphins cry. As children.
Locals say that participating in this fishery (!), Allowing them to feel true Faroese.
I do not want to feel like a Faroese.








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