Indulged chajkom

If you ask for, you can ruin your health in no time. Unless specifically for this purpose is not specified, but not really think about the consequences, you will need a little more time, but the result you did achieve.
As it has achieved a certain Madame Michigan. Sophisticated not particularly in the media, it is for seventeen years was drinking a jug of tea made from one hundred bags. Well, the people who visit the places limited freedom, appreciate the exquisite taste of the girl. As a result, for forty-seven years, it has acquired a rather exotic for the country's development disease - an excess of fluoride in the bones of the skeleton, called fluorosis. Symptomatology is quite fun - handles-legs and other parts of the skeleton bend with great difficulty, all sustavchikov hurt. Since the calcium deposits start thickening and bone. It is worth noting that in the United States fluorinated water. As a result, tea vodichka + = double dose of fluoride. Given the daily volume exceeding permissible for a man four times during this period of time the output will get stiff arms, legs, hips and back. And the loss of teeth.
So gulls - he is. Sinister. No vodka, of course. But if not dal use, then you can be a kid. Hmm, sir.


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