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Relatively recently in Daily Mail - was a note titled "Red wine helps to live to a hundred and fifty years." Well, it is, to put it mildly, it is true, but not all.
Red wine does have a substance - resvetatrol. But he was not very much. In order to make it really worked, you need to drink quite a lot of wine. This is likely to give a mass of unwanted side effects. Examples of this can be seen just in everyday life.
A self resvetatrol stimulates the enzyme that prevents aging. Scientists at Harvard University are going to identify the substance in a concentrated form and a tablet. This was stated by the project manager David Sinclair.
Sounds tempting divine. But as far as you need to in fact an extension of human life by the States? Even if a synchronous increase the retirement age (otherwise will not work - feeding pensioners occupation is not cheap. This is now seen even quite wealthy nations). Well, will increase.
And get a fascinating picture - food industry and agriculture are doing everything to make a person sick and addicted to pharmacists and physicians (and the man himself often helps in this). And then - bang - such a gift. Stimulate the enzyme and live - well, for example 150 years on average. (Scientists say - I like the wording - say! - That the human body is designed for 200 years. Who knows? Adam died out in 930 years. Methuselah - in 969.)
So, this is the enzyme is stimulated by such a simple way as calorie restriction. So maybe grove to follow the advice of Maya Plisetskaya, who asked how she manages to look so wonderful short answer "eat less necessary!»
She, by the way, now 87.


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